Kristen Stewart Ruined Her Big Chance to Get Back Together With Robert Pattinson

Kristen StewartAfter Robert Pattinson was spotted with Katy Perry at Coachella over the weekend, we've all had one burning question on our brains. Um, where the hell was Kristen Stewart?!?

The last we heard, she and her friends were planning on heading to the festival to celebrate her 24th birthday. Of course, she was hoping Rob was going to join them so they could rekindle the flame and fall in love all over again or whatever.

But then that pic of him partying with Katy turned up, and lo and behold, KStew was nowhere in sight.

What gives?!?

Well, according to Hollywood Life, Kristen is upset that Rob went to Coachella without her -- though she was the one who decided not to attend at the last minute.

(Excuse me?)

Get this one: Apparently Kristen opted to remain in New Orleans instead of flying out to Cali because shooting is getting ready to start on her new flick, American Ultra, and "she wanted to be fresh and rested."

You know, instead of all hungover and tired from partying like a rock star.

Huh. I guess this is very professional and responsible of her and all -- but doesn't she realize she just gave up a prime opportunity to weasel her way back into Rob's arms?

Although a source indicates that he was still in contact with her over the weekend nonetheless. He/she says, "Of course she's disappointed that she didn’t get to hang out with Rob -- that was really the main reason she wanted to go in the first place. But we sent her funny pics and texts and so did Rob."

That's all well and good (if it's true) -- but funny texts and pics are no match for face-to-face quality time together. And while it's totally understandable that Kristen is making her career a priority -- she may have just let Rob slip through her fingers for the last time. 

Oh well. I guess she can always hold her breath and hope for a fateful reunion at Coachella 2015. (Odds are good that the "are they, aren't they?" rumors will still be flying around then too.)

Do you think Kristen made a bad move by not attending Coachella?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Dixie Jewel

LOL! THey are so over...quit making up the bullshit stories

Lori Martinson Cyples

Even if they aren't over...quit always trying to start something!

Caryn Burton

The only reason the 'are they, aren't they' rumours are still flying is because lemmings and parasites can't seem to let go.  The big shocker in this bs story is that you got one thing right.  Kristen actually made the right decision for once in her life and paid attention to her professional responsibilities in stead of her own selfishness.  Now, if only her herd of lunatic lemmings could do the same and accept that they've moved on!

Nic Kennedy

well if she wanted him back she should of went and tried because you only get one proper chance with love for real, but if she prefers her career to rob, its her choice, but if he wanted her back he shouldn't be with Katy Perry or any other girl.

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