'DWTS' Recap: Disney Night Is Anything but Magical for a Fan Favorite

DWTS judges

I gotta say, before Dancing With the Stars kicked off tonight, I was pretty pumped about the whole Disney theme this week. I mean, who the heck doesn't love all things Disney? It practically screams innocence, wonder, excitement -- and of course, magic.

But unfortunately, something just seemed SO off for many of the couples this evening -- to the point where it seems like a lot of them almost took a step backward or something.

Granted, it may have been the partner switch-ups last week that threw an added challenge into the mix -- but other than a lucky few, most of the duos seemed out of their element this week.

But I guess we should start on a positive note. How gorgeous was Danica McKellar as Belle from Beauty and the Beast? She owned her performance for sure and is easily emerging as a front runner in this competition. And then there's Charlie White, who wowed the judges even though he dropped the cane he was using as a prop for his Mary Poppins-themed dance. (How cute is he? There's something so old-fashioned about him. And I dig it.) Then there was Amy Purdy, who once again left us all in tears during her emotional Cinderella waltz. I wonder if she even knows what a true inspiration she is to so many viewers this season?

But by far the best dance of the night was obviously James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd's contemporary performance to "Let It Go" from Frozen. Um, there's nothing remotely chilly about those two. They're all sorts of hot together and then some. And they have to be so proud to receive the first perfect score in season 18!

And now let's talk about who really got hurt this evening, and that's Cody Simpson -- who put on one hell of a Lion King performance only to be kicked to the curb at the very end of the show.

Don't get me wrong -- I was glad he went home tonight instead of Candace Cameron Bure, who was also in jeopardy this week. But is he really the worst dancer in the competition at this point? Sure, he's kind of cocky in a 17-year-old sort of way -- but the dude can move. (Maybe his fans aren't allowed to stay up late enough to vote?)

Let's just hope by next week things go back to normal and we see the contestants put their skills to the test and come out of their shells a little more. It would be such a shame if fan favorites keep going home from week to week.

Are you surprised that Cody Simpson is gone?


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nonmember avatar Raegan

I don't know what show you were watching but I enjoyed all the dances very much! It was a fun night with great performances! Yes, it was sad that Cody was sent home. He was really good but that I just what happened! We all know that the judges scores are not the only way to send someone home! It's obvious that the massive group of Cody fans didn't vote. ABC only gives you two options to vote now. Calling in your votes is agonizing and most of the time you don't get through. The other way is Facebook! Most young kids don't have Facebook anymore so they aren't voting! End of story!

Frances Weiden

He was told the very first week by his partner to quit sagging, and it was more important to him because he never quit. Those dance costumes are made a special way for a reason and have no room for sagging. It was just pure gross and I am sure I am not the only one feeling this way. No vote from me!!!!!

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