Bethenny Frankel Offends Veterans With Remarks About Reality TV

Veterans and their families are not happy with Bethenny Frankel. It seems the former talk show host described remembering her time on Real Housewives of New York City as something akin to having "flashbacks from Vietnam." Yowsa, Bethenny. Really? Okay, so the show got bitchy, but it's not like you inhaled Agent Orange.

Bethenny reportedly made the comparison while giving a talk at a Penn State event. She also said she "failed as a talk show host." Asked whether or not she'd ever return to reality TV, she said that she "doesn't know" if she "wants to be famous" anymore and compared her time on RHONY to Vietnam.

Well, the show was a war of sorts -- but c'mon. Readers at RadarOnline are totally pissed, calling her "offensive" and a "POS."

I don't think Bethenny was being serious here, folks. RHONY might have been her own personal Vietnam -- but it's not like she thinks it really WAS Vietnam. You know she has a mouth on her. She was just making a crass joke.

Are we really going to get this sensitive every time someone compares their experiences to a war? Okay, when Tom Cruise did it, that was stupid. Because he actually went on and on about it (though he later denied it and said his comments were taken out of context). Bethenny just made one crude joke. Let's cut her some slack.

Everyone has their tough times, and sometimes that can feel like a war. She also reportedly said:

I have had so many disasters, so many failures, so many low points ... no amount of money can heal pain, suffering, and loss.

All right, most people would trade Bethenny's disasters, which have made her very, very rich, for their own. But when you're in it, it still hurts, no matter that you get to go home to a beautiful apartment and not a hut without a toilet or running water. Things can still be painful no matter how much money you've got.

"Flashbacks from Vietnam" was just a turn of phrase. Maybe she should apologize -- or maybe we should all be a little less ready to call everything on the planet offensive.

What do you think?


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kisse... kisses5050

just because you are offened doesnt mean you are in the right.

Todd Vrancic

Kisses5050, it doesn't mean you're in the wrong, either.  However, if she sincerely apoligized, that should be the end of the matter.

Elaine Cox

where are the vets who are offended..all i see is readers at radar but a stir writer lashing at being over sensitive is a good laugh

Yvonne Roger Arabie

My husband is a Vietnam Veteran and I don't believe you know what the hell you are talking about; another useless Hollywood hag.

nonmember avatar Jayne Guercio

So she is being slammed for one silly comment but brandi Glanville is still on Beverly hills ? Really..?

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