Kailyn Lowry's Baby Daddy Problems Are Making Her Life Hell (VIDEO)

Kailyn LowryIt may seem like Kailyn Lowry is living the charmed life at the moment, with handsome and devoted hubby Javi Marroquin and two awesome little boys to call her own. But the Teen Mom 2 star definitely has some challenges to overcome when it comes to maintaining the peace in her family.

It seems that her sons' dads hate each other. On the season 5 finale of the show, Kail dealt with the news that her ex Jo Rivera had moved in with his girlfriend, but a bonus clip shows how much she's really struggling with her current custody agreement.

"Jo hates Javi and Javi doesn't really like Jo either," Kailyn told a friend. "I just think Jo fought for so much and claimed that my move was going to rip him away from everything he had, which it definitely didn't ... he's the only one that's causing chaos."

From what Kail describes, it really does seem like Jo is trying to stick it to her. Of course this is all from her perspective, so let's take things with a grain of salt, but Jo does have a history of saying or doing things just to hurt her. Like the time he said he hoped her water broke way too early in her pregnancy with Lincoln. Gee, I wonder why Javi doesn't like him?

Anyway, Kail seems mainly concerned for Isaac and worried that the nastiness will affect him. She shared, "It hurts my heart to think that during the holidays or any time special things are going on and I want to take both of my kids, there's a chance that maybe he's going to be at his dad's and I won't be able to take both of them ... so Isaac will feel left out."

Ugh, it's such a difficult thing when you're trying to co-parent with a difficult person. I'm sure Kail wants Isaac to have a good relationship with Jo, and part of that is spending time together. But it's wrenching when you're trying to be amicable with someone that thinks it's OK to be mean to you.

Keep on keeping on, Kail -- it may be hard now to keep that relationship with Jo going, but Isaac needs his dad as much as he needs his stepdad and little brother.

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Do you think Jo is making Kailyn's life unnecessarily difficult?


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SaphireH SaphireH

I know exactly what she is dealing with, my ex is a tool and has to make everything difficult especially with the fact i got remarried to a man who has made my life and my son's life 10 times easier.. Since we got divorced he has fought me every step of the way and even some how convinced the courts to allow an emergency motion to take our son from me after i called CPS on him and had almost proven he had abused our son and then the crap i had to do to get my time back was ridiculous, he and our stupid parenting coordinator has come up with a list of tasks to complete which included a note from my obgyn to prove my pregnancy with my daughter via my new husband, a drug test when i dont do drugs especially while pregnant and a psyche evaluation which i passed it and the drug test. He has never cared for our son just the child support i have to pay his lazy ass and making my life hell

nonmember avatar keep it up

If she keeps her shit up with Javi she'll have 2 baby daddy's to drop off to. Why does she not understand that Jo is his father and he has ears and knows she and her frumpy friends always talk bad about him. The kids will be fine, he's not the only one with a half sibling.

nonmember avatar James

It looks to me like you and Kailyn must be best friends.There are two sides to every story, so why don't you put down some of his.I watch the show and they both could do a lot better on there parenting skills.They are both young, so try to do a better job of telling both sides of the story.

nonmember avatar Renee

Not saying that hes not difficult but i feel shes extremely selfish. Shes the one who cheated on Jo while still living in his house and having his parents help her. I understand that people make mistakes but she is constantly expecting him to go with the flow and not fight for his son. She also is selfish because she moves out of state wihout even telling him . If this was a regular person id understand but he is also Isaacs parent and she expects him to give her all his parenting rights !

nonmember avatar blah

She moved outta state yes it is 2 hrs away yes jo lives out of state also so who is he to say she couldn't. I do not think she is selfish she just knows she has a stable home and loves her children and spends every moment that she can with them while jo drops him on his parents. She offered him the exact amount of visitation that he was given by the court. She tried to save time and money by having an agreement reached for the mediation hearing but he refused. Jo is an ass im glad kail found a good guy.

aweck85 aweck85

Everything will work out for the best. Jo does seem like a jerk sometimes. I think he just acts like that because she broke his heart.

nonmember avatar Me

Why don't the people on thises. Comment shut up beacause it none of their besswak. So shut and leave this teen mom alone she all deadly as two kids to care for so SHUT UP!!!!!!

nonmember avatar heather

Me did you even read what you wrote before posting or are you that dumb. Lol I am thinking the second part and I bet I will get an badly written response back lol.

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