Juan Pablo’s Bedroom Behavior Is a Big Problem for Nikki Ferrell

juan pablo galavisThey may have said they wanted to keep their post-Bachelor romance private, but Nikki Ferrell is sharing some pretty intimate details about their bedroom activity. She recently tweeted her biggest complaint about Juan Pablo Galavis between the sheets and it's a total shocker. Apparently, it doesn't matter that he's young and fit. The former pro soccer player has a problem that lot of men suffer with.

He SNORES. That's right. SNORES. Really loud, apparently. She let the world know just how she feels about it.

She sent that message out a little after midnight, so you can imagine how frustrated she must have been. We've all been there. How many nights have you been awoken or been unable to get to sleep because your significant other sounds like a freight train? It's maddening. You only have two solutions: keep poking him until he stops or one of you has to hit the couch.

Thank goodness they have a long-distance relationship for now. She only has to deal with it during their sporadic visits. Besides, if this is their biggest relationship hurdle, they are doing fine.

As the other female contestants tell it, Juan Pablo is no catch. They painted him as a self-centered jerk. However, Nikki seems unfazed by all the naysayers. She's really into her man ... for now. But you know how these made-for-TV-romances usually end, so we will see.


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Fondue Fondue

SnappleQueen, I love you. :)

megan... meganellis

He is a complete self centered douche!

nonmember avatar nikki marsh

Thought they were gona say erectile disfunction!!! hahaha

Carolyn Buck

I just wish they would come up with a cure of the snore monster! I sleep on the sofa bc hubby makes funny sounds and is a restless sleeper. He needs a king size bed for himself. Snoring is a big problem. I see nothing wrong with separate bedrooms especially if you need your sleep!


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