Jenelle Evans' Sexy Pregnant Bikini Selfie Brings Out the Haters (PHOTO)

Jenelle EvansTeen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is no stranger to controversy, and she has definitely picked up some haters since first appearing on the MTV reality show 16 & Pregnant five years ago. In all fairness, a lot of it was well-deserved on her part. Lady has a shady past.

But. But, but, but. Jenelle has really cleaned up her act this past year. She seems to be doing just fine and is currently expecting her second child with boyfriend Nathan Griffith, who is responsibly serving his time behind bars for his DUI last fall. Jenelle's been busy passing time on the social networks, where not everyone wants to believe her worst is behind her.

On Monday morning, she Instagrammed a bikini selfie complete with exposed baby bump, and some comments got nasty pretty quickly. One person even wrote, "If this don't say whore then idk what does.."

Jenelle Evans

If that's not only bad grammar, but also completely uncalled for, idk what is!

I mean, really, is it 1912? Does wearing a bikini make every woman a whore or just ones that happened to get pregnant as a teenager? Or is it the pregnancy that makes her a whore? ZOMG -- evidence of a sexual encounter!

Maybe it's the tattoos. Only questionable women have tattoos, after all. Or something.

Whatever, Jenelle looks happy and healthy at 29 weeks pregnant and thankfully lives in America, where pregnant women shouldn't be shunned as prostitutes for choosing a modest two-piece as swimwear. Have fun at the pool, lady, and don't forget the sunblock!

Do you think pregnant women should stick to full-coverage bathing suits?


Images via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Angela Fumarolo

I dont think she should have any kids especially TWO she's a very unfit parent..I was a teen mom at 15 and learned to grow up practically over night ...bringing more kids into this world when you cant even care for the first one..upsets me so very much !! Grow up girl

nonmember avatar wanda egner

I wore a bikini at 6 an a half months. Rock it girl

nonmember avatar Gina Tyler

Janelle looks amazing haters are going to hate stay strong lady Mz.imdoinme

Well I don't think this pic makes her a whore cause when she was truly being a whore from man to man y'all loved her but I feel she's not a whore we all do things that we gotta learn & grow from I just hope that God is giving her this baby for a good cause I was 16 & prgo 17 when I had mine I wasn't perfect but I was a mom 5 years later on my own I had two more kids & if it wasn't for my 3 I still say i wouldn't & no telling where I would be so God knows best & has a reason for everything he do in life. So Janelle doing good be a better parent by learning from the mistakes ya made with the first we all made them &iI any one say they never made mistakes then they all can kiss me & your ass together point blank

Tara Lorenzen

haters gonna hate! kudos to her for wearing it and rockin it! shes got more balls than i do :)

Lucki... Luckicharmz

I wore a bikini at 9mths and will do so again this summer, everyone has to hate on something I guess

Notb4... Notb4Mylatte

I don't know how you do it, Jenny... It's like you're in my head!  Thank you for putting in to words what so many of us are thinking.

Makaila Dawnn Lindsay

I'm more comfortable wearing a 2 piece pregnant than I am not. Go jennelle!

Megan Howell

I don't think she is capable of taking a picture without looking gross. I dont see how this is any different than any other photo. It just gives the world the opportunity to express how disgusting of a human being they think she is. She should have bothered to make her first child a priortiy before getting knocked up by another big nobody in her life. Its not as if anybody thinks she and Nathan are going to stay together. Give it a year or two she'll be knocked up by the next guy trying to ride her fame. Nothing wrong with the bikini though =)

Kendall Scott

"Is Nathan gonna try to kill you again?" - Jace Evans, Teen Mom 2 finale

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