Ali Fedotowsky Confesses the Extremely Rude Thing People Say to Her Face

ali fedotowskyI think we can all agree that not one of the people on The Bachelor or Bachelorette are overweight in any way. Ali Fedotowsky included. But because the world is a critical one and people feel the need to call people names or make them feel bad about themselves, Ali has been called fat. To her face even.

The camera supposedly adds 10 pounds, but even with 10 more pounds, Ali is not fat. Still she's been berated by so-called fans on the street.

In an interview with Style Solutions NYC, Ali shared, "You know how people say the camera adds 10 pounds? It’s so true! Sometimes I’ll put on an outfit for the show and think it looks great, and then I watch E! News later that day and think the outfit made me look like I gained 10 pounds instantly."

It's terrible that women are so concerned with this. I am, too. We worry we look heavier than we are. Sometimes, some of us do it to obsession. Body image reminders are everywhere. But it's one thing to think it yourself and another for strangers to tell you about it. Ali said:

Sadly, people often come up to me on the street and are surprised to see that I’m skinny. People will say things like, 'Oh my god, you’re not fat?'

She is a good sport about it and said she realizes that people don't always realize what they are saying, but ... wow. Who would say such a thing? People. That's who. And this is why so many women have body issues.

Ali, if you're reading this, you have a beautiful body. And a beautiful spirit -- I love how you are letting this all slide and excusing people for their rudeness. But I still wish people would be a little nicer.

What do you think of the rude comments Ali gets about her weight? Have you had something similar happen?


Image via Ali Fedotowsky/Instagram

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nonmember avatar kelly

If she's considered fat, then I better sign up for weight

Ann Morris

U r not fat!! Don't listen to those people you r fine Ali!!! I like your hair it's cute!!

nonmember avatar me

Ive seen her on tv several times and not once has she looked anything close to fat. Its very sad if anyone considers her fat, even in an unflattering outfit

badas... badaskmom

This article is really misleading. Ali left a lot of information out of her story. She gained 15 lbs during the show. During that time the show had to go back a retake a lot of shots because of it. They asked her to gain weight. When she on the show she was a size 6 and looks very healthy. In fact everyone said so. It wasn't until Ali saw the show and saw herself that she freaked out and went on a 15lbs weight loss, which you see above. I read an article about her diet and she had mentioned no one calling her fat. In fact people were calling her beautiful from the show and said she didn't need to lose weight. That she was crazy.

Carli Bower

Ali wanted to be in the spotlight and we all know that people voice their opinions, good or bad. This goes along with the job and people have the right to their own opinion, its just sad that it has to be negative.

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