Kate Middleton Addresses Pregnancy Rumors in the Most Subtle Way (PHOTOS)


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Well? If you went ahead and got all excited this weekend about the possibility of Kate Middleton being pregnant again -- you most definitely aren't alone. I mean, it was pretty impossible not to do a big ole "squee!" when Prince William made that comment to Cynthia Read about having to knit another wool shawl, like the one that was given to baby Prince George, in the near future or whatever.

But alas, it looks like we may have to wait a bit longer before we see Kate turn up with another royal bun in the oven.

Check out what she did with Wills on Sunday.

Kate Middleton

Yep. That's Kate sucking back wine like it's her job. (Bottoms up, baby.)

She and Prince William visited the Amisfield Vineyard in New Zealand, and somehow I'm guessing she wouldn't have gone near the sauce if she really is expecting another child.

Sure, there are some women who don't hesitate to have a glass of vino here and there while pregnant. But can you even begin to imagine the backlash Kate would receive for taking so much as a sip of wine if the news broke that Prince George has a sibling on the way? (She'd be absolutely mauled, people.)

The poor woman couldn't even take a vacation without her baby without everyone tearing her to shreds for "abandoning" him. Odds are good she'd be labeled the worst mum in the U.K. if she sampled a local New Zealand wine while preggo.

Yep. Looks like there is no royal baby on board at the present time -- but that doesn't mean that one isn't in the works. Keep in mind that Kate and Prince William did bring George's nanny along on this little trip, so it's not like there won't be at least some opportunity for (ahem) private time.

When do you think Kate will be pregnant again?


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Joan Hart

Just leave her alone and let her run her own life...!

Janet Wright

Why doesn't people just leave them along....why don't they talk about all the dumb things that Michelle Obama does that's true and leave Kate alone

Anne Hourigan

Why don't you jerks leave her alone????



Anna Simms

when ever she gets back home.


nonmember avatar Victoria

Would you people leave her the hell along and tend to your own damn business. Just because she is in the public eye doesn't mean you have the right to judge, jury and convict her. I am so sick of the media and everyone else not tending to their own business. Glass houses people, glass houses...how about we put the damn spot light on YOU and see how you feel about every little detail of your life put out there for the spot light.

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