'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Finale Recap: The Awful Reason Kandi's Big Night Is Missing Someone Very Important

real housewives of atlanta finale Tonight on the finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the curtain finally rose on Kandi Burruss's big show. I was biting my nails down to the quick with anticipation. That's right, bloody, problematic, should probably get a manicure now anticipation. Would Porsha Stewart ruin the whole affair? Would Mama Joyce and Kandi work out their problems with a little help from some soulful musical numbers? Would anyone show up at all? What about Tyler Perry? And finally, would all of the Housewives show up? 

The answer to all of these questions? No, sort of, totally, ha ha, yeah Tyler Perry was totally there (once my former roommate described him as being the black George Clooney and I almost peed my pants imagining Clooney playing Madea) -- and NeNe Leakes was a no-show. But the group's most fickle mother-hen had a good reason for not being there. 

NeNe came home from her trip to L.A. complaining of a pain running from her right breast back around to her chest. Gregg Leakes (because he is adorable and the greatest) insisted it was gas. He scuttled about preparing her Alka Seltzer to drink and insisting she try to "shift" the errant wind from her person. This is why Gregg needs to be in every show on television.

Thankfully, NeNe did not listen to her husband and went to the doctor. It turns out that she had blood clots! The situation was so dire, one of her lungs collapsed and she was hospitalized! Learning this made me feel like a bitch and a half for idly wondering whether or not this was just a ploy on her part to take attention away from Kandi on her big night. I should have known better. NeNe is way too classy to pull something like that. She took the night off (and several thereafter) to heal. That's good, because we want our NeNe in fighting form for the reunion next week! 

What was your favorite part of the finale?


Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar Ed

There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING(!) classy about Nene.

nonmember avatar Billie

Thàts right! There is nothing good or classy about Nene. I was hoping whatever it was bothering her, that it would, one way or another, get her off the show, so I'd never have to see her again. Yuck! Have we forgotten how she'd become physically threatening to other women? She is ghetto. She is trash. And I don't care for her husband either.

nonmember avatar Junie

Nene is a nasty piece of trash! Andy Cohen should realize that many people find her repulsive!

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