'Teen Mom 2' Season Finale Recap: Jenelle & Nathan's Fight Turns Nasty

teen mom 2 season 5 finale recapTonight's Teen Mom 2 episode marked the finale of season 5, and we're left with plenty of drama as we await the official announcement about season 6.

Jenelle and Nathan's relationship took yet another dark turn in today's installment. The two have been arguing more and more ever since Nathan quit his job selling timeshares. One night, they got into a major fight about money, during which the neighbors called the police, and Jenelle was arrested for breaching the peace. All in front of Jace, mind you. Her boo was quick to bail her out, but the arrest could possibly violate Jenelle's probation. Remember how the girl got 18 months unsupervised probation for her narcotics possession charges? Well, it turns out that since Janelle is only five months into the probation, the judge could consider her latest arrest a violation and throw her in jail for the remaining 13 months. Ruh-roh!

Shockingly that wasn't the worst JaNathan fight (is that a thing? We should make it a thing). After leaving a doctor's appointment, the couple got into one of the worst and nastiest fights we've ever seen on the show. They haven't been getting along lately, and Nathan declared that "there's more than a 90 percent possibility that we're going to break up eventually." Not sure where he found those statistics, but the outlook is pretty bleak either way.

And since Jenelle was about 12 weeks pregnant at the time, he dove into a full-on tirade about how bringing a child into the world would be a mistake: "How is a child worth living if he doesn't have a mother and a father that loves him? He might as well just be f****** dead." And this was right after they heard the baby's heartbeat during their ultrasound appointment. Wow. Just wow.

Granted, the duo did seem to make up at the end of the fight, during which Jenelle begged Nathan to be more involved with the pregnancy, but the fight was ugly nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Leah and Jeremy, who have reconciled after their latest argument, traveled with daughter Ali to another doctor's appointment in Ohio. This time, Leah and her ex, Corey, finally found out Ali's condition. The doctor announced that their daughter has Titin gene mutation, which is found in only 20 people in the entire world. And little Ali is apparently the only child who has been diagnosed with the disorder. The mutation can cause respiratory and heart problems, and the tot has to visit a doctor every year to monitor her progress, but at least there is good news: they finally know her condition. It was great to see both sets of Ali's parents: Leah and Jeremy and Corey and Miranda come together to help the little girl. She is surely loved.

Chelsea, on the other hand, was busy learnin'-it-up as she took her board exam to get her aesthetician license. While Chelsea traveled to the exam, Adam and his girlfriend and newborn daughter Paislee took Aubree bowling. And how adorable was Aubs with her baby half-sister? So ca-yoote!

Speaking of adorable babies, Kailyn and Javi are adjusting to life with baby Lincoln. Girl has her hands full parenting both Isaac and the newborn, and with Javi back at work, the tasks are piling up. And in the middle of all the changes, Kailyn's ex, Jo, announces that his girlfriend, Vee, has officially moved in with him and the two are putting together Isaac's new bedroom. But when Isaac happens to call Javi 'daddy,' they both know that there needs to be a conversation. And we suppose we'll have to wait until the next installment to find out how this one ends.

Lucky for us, we don't have to go too long without our necessary dose of MTV momma drama! 16 & Pregnant premieres tomorrow! And this season's reunion show airs on Tuesday night. We'll be staying busy this week!

What did you think of Jenelle and Nathan's fight? And should Kailyn correct Isaac when he calls Javi 'daddy'?


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nonmember avatar Lindsey

What Kailyn shouldn't do is have that attitude that if Issac ends up calling Javi dad it is ok but if tables are turned and Vee has the same relationship with Issac that is not ok. It can't be a double standard. I feel she thinks she is more important to Issac than Joe and it should not be that way. Joe may be a little douchey and immature but he is a good dad to his son who is very involved in his life.

luvmy... luvmybubs

It was only a matter of time before Nathan would show us what was wrong with him. No man who has his shit together would get together with and try to impregnate a woman like Janelle within weeks of knowing her. This really is not meant to be a dis towards Janelle, only a simple common belief that "birds of a feather fly together" and Janelles' flock is not the one that has its' shit together.

ninag... ninag1980

The ONLY thing I get a kick out of with Nathan is that fact that he could care less about Jenelle crying. She reaaalllyyy trys to get his sympathy and he is not phased. Makes me happy :) Im sorry to sound evil, but someone like Jenelle who doesnt show any love towards her own child doesnt deserve love. She is heartless and selfish

nonmember avatar traci

It is NOT okay for them to allow Isaac to call Javi daddy. It is disrespectful to his real father, period. Kailyn is beyond immature. And, she would FLIP OUT if her son called another woman mommy. C'mon Kailyn, that is just not okay.

Mindie Tutmaher Gerdy

I honestly couldn't believe how Nathan was to her right after they had heard the heart beat. That was the meanest thing I think I've seen a guy treat a girl. Problem is Janelle jumps way to fast from dating a few weeks to talking marriage, moving in together ect.  Not to mention seems like they use her her mothers always confronting the guys about Janelle paying their bills or bailing them out. I honestly hope that child never sees that episode w/ their dad saying that.

Kendall Scott

@ nina I know right , And I doubt she's really crying for Kaiser, she's done that loud whining little baby sob with Kieffer, Gary, Andrew, and many others, she's crying because her "one true luuuuvv" is being mean to her/ might not like her anymore and god forbid, might breakup with her. But hey, those two days when she's between an old and new "true love" are really hard on her.


nonmember avatar Amber

Wasn't Adam being alone with Aubree at the bowling alley violating the custody arrangement??? They had to have driven there

nonmember avatar Nancy

1-I truly hope Nathan & Jenelle break up, they are a DISASTER together ... or should I say Jenelle + any man are a disaster together! I truly believe she is supporting him. Nathan told her she should get a job & Jenelle looked horrified. Then Nathan said "Nathan will worry about Nathan & Jenelle will worry about Jenelle." I see more screaming matches in their future, that's just how Jenelle's relationships go. I feel for her mom, Barbara, because Barbara calls 'em like she seems 'em & Nathan has turned out to be another loser just like the previous guys, he's just wrapped up in a nicer "package." :) I hope Barbara stands strong & doesn't pick up the pieces when Jenelle & Nathan's relationship explodes. And Jenelle was griping about him to Barbara saying Nathan was an a-hole so I'm sure it will explode soon. 2-I'm happy for Kailyn & I like Javi but we all know Kailyn would EXPLODE if Isaac called any other woman "mom." 3-I'm praying for Leah's daughter that a cure will be found. 4-Chelsea is doing great without Adam & I'm sure she'll meet the right guy for her soon.

Mz.im... Mz.imdoinme

Sorry but I knew Nathan was just an actor from jump he tryed to hard to play the nice guy like I said before to get his face on tv .

Kaiya you would die if Isaac call joe woman mommy real shit. I believe the only way a child should call another man/woman is if that man/woman ain't apart of the child's life. Wonderful mom

May God protect Leah & Cory baby girl but Leah need to stop expecting the worst in her child & have faith in her but God first cause as Cory say that beautiful baby aint no different than her sisters she is gonna be fine & that not being in denial not having a clue what she deals with but I speak in faith in God power in the name of Jesus. Other than that wonderful mom

Chelsea I am proud of her. Wonderful mom person & I love your dads love & that's the kinda love you & ya baby deserve from any man plz don't let Adam back in ya life if havnt changed in all these years its goon be a long time before he do. We as women wish hope & pray for better in our men but all awhile knowing the truth men are dumb

1-9 of 9 comments