Lisa Vanderpump Allegedly Offers 40K to Settle a Sexual Assault Case

lisa vanderpumpLisa Vanderpump, of Real Housewives fame, is attempting to settle a sexual assault case that had been filed against her Beverly Hills restaurant, Villa Blanca. The trial is set to begin on Monday so it looks like this is a last ditch effort to make sure they never have to enter the courtroom.

And who can blame her! It's unlikely Vanderpump wants this kind of case going to court.

Karina Bustillos, the waitress that filed the suit, claims the manager from the restaurant, Michael Govia, tried to kiss her, violently grabbed her wrists and called her a profanity. Here's the part that wraps Lisa in ... her suit says that Vanderpump refused to do anything about it. Bustillos eventually quit.

In docs obtained by TMZ it looks like Vanderpump made an offer to settle for $40,001 -- even though Bustillos is asking for $5 million.

It will be interesting to see if Bustillos will want to settle for the amount Vanderpump is offering. Maybe there will be some back and forth between the lawyers, since our guess is Bustillos will want more!

The big question is -- does she deserve more?

What do you think?


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Elaine Cox

if it happened she deserves a lot more..if it happened

Sandy Reilly

I think she deserves a lot more - what he did was very wrong and she had to quit because of now help from the owner. I wonder if he still have his job, no mention of that. When something bad happens and you go to the person who could and should handle it and you get not help that is wrong wrong wrong. Even though she was not involved with the criminal offence, she condoned it by not responding and taking care of the matter.

nonmember avatar Jayla

Whose Bianca?

nonmember avatar Remain True

The manager does still have his job there. And Vanderpump and Todd know that Bustillos was assaulted and battered because it was caught on their surveillance video! But because they didn't want to take responsibility and they didn't want the issue to ruin their images, THEY INTENTIONALLY HAD THE VIDEO DESTROYED!!!!! I can't wait for them to get what they deserve. They have no respect for rules or laws-- they think they don't apply to them. I think they are going to learn that they have to play by the same rules as everyone else.

Theresa McQuiston

My question exactly JAYLA! Are we the only ones to notice so far?

Paul Paquin

terrible from a manager,he should be sued and fired,owner of the business should be penalized for allowing it to happen,reason she hired this pervert,and after hearing about it did nothing against the manager,creates a public moral issue bad for business

nonmember avatar Emmie

I noticed - yeah, who is Bianca? I am still trying to figure out who quit.

nonmember avatar Octavia

Her (Lisa) resturant's name is Villa BLanca. There is no mention of BIanca in this article. Or mabe I'm not seeing something.

Jeff Cole

Let her go after the employee not the restaurant if she wants more. I bet if you offered her $25,000 for a blow job she'd jump at the chance, so once that is established she'll do it for money, the rest is easy!

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