Kate Middleton Baby News Rumors Continue to Swirl

kate middleton and prince williamOh how we would love to hear that Kate Middleton is pregnant again. Aren't they ready already? We really want baby George to become a big brother.

And for a fleeting moment we thought we were there. We were sure we were there.

You see the Duke and Duchess are in New Zealand where they met with Cynthia Read. She is the woman that handmade a gorgeous merino wool shawl which was New Zealand's official gift when George was born. Read said that Kate really liked the shawl and told her that "George wore it a lot." But that's not all Read said. According to several reports she also said that Prince William told her "You might have to make another one soon."

What? Squeee ... I mean -- what else can that mean? He couldn't possibly be asking her to make another one for George, right?

Well, apparently, he didn't say that because Kate is expecting. Unless their next move was just meant to throw us off their trail.

Later in their trip Kate and William went to a vineyard and, sadly, made it very clear she is not expecting. Kate apparently had several glasses of wine and told the wine-makers that she was "really enjoying being able to drink again after having baby George."

I guess we have to keep hoping!

Are you are hopeful as we are that the royal couple gets pregnant one day soon?



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Patricia Bunn

leave them alone,no ones business.x

kayba... kaybayblee3

I think he meant when he said that because of how big George is growing that she'll need to make one that will fit him.

Anoth... AnotherKim

Give them a break. George is only 9 mos. Let them enjoy him a little longer before they pop out another.

Jeff Cole

It won't be long and George will have all the kids on the block knocked up, fighting to get a free ride. He''ll get more ass than the average toilet seat. Hell the nanny will be trying to get some George semen in them!!

waity... waitykate



Well they've shown they can do without George and he can do without them. Would they have a second child so they can leave it behind while they vacation as well ?   Or maybe Kate should learn to hold a baby before she has a second one.

waity... waitykate

How about if they learn to actually do something responsible too ?   All year, nothing from them.

Marlo... Marloh818

Waitykate, do you even follow the news? George is in New Zealand with them. You are obviously just a hater.

Renata Bodziak

Kocham Was Takich jakimi jestescie:-)))I love you:-)))

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