Kim Kardashian May Marry Kanye Long Before They Get to Paris

kim kardashian and kanye westKim Kardashian and Kanye West may get married before they land in Paris for their scheduled nuptials. It's reported that they they might have to hold a secret wedding here to make it all legal. (If they do -- we are guessing the cameras will be rolling -- because is anything they do really "secret?")

The reason for early vows seems to be based in necessity. Apparently there is a French law that the couple hadn't fully taken into consideration. A law that may prohibit the celebrity couple from officially saying "I do" in the city of love. Good thing they figured it out now since May 24 is quickly approaching!

French law requires people wishing to get married there to first live in the country for 40 days. If it turns out that they do get married here first, it really isn't that big of a deal. The actual wedding in Paris is going to be a big show with bells and whistles -- but maybe if they say their vows here, in a more intimate setting with just a couple of witnesses, it will mean more to them.

Would it bother you if you had to say your vows before your planned wedding extravaganzaa?


Image via SplashNews

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orlie... orliesmom

Lol I would have looked into that first before I even scheduled a wedding there. But of course, she's a Kardashian and isn't very smart....

nonmember avatar RX_

For their wedding present send them some Valtrex and Antiretrovirals.

nonmember avatar Patti

Kanye spends so much time in Paris you would think that he or his boyfriend would have known about that law.....well maybe he did!! Maybe he was hoping that the marriage would not be legal if she didn't find out.

Wileen Byroads

WHHHHHHOOOOOO CARES????????  I don't care if they ever get married or don't!  But they deserve each other!!!!!!!!!!   sticking out tongue

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