Minnie Driver's Cruel Bikini Backlash Was Totally Undeserved

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Minnie DriverOn April 8th, actress Minnie Driver posted a photo of herself relaxing near a beach, along with this message: "Finally on holiday with my family. I'm going to make 4 days feel like a month." The next day, a series of paparazzi photos hit the web showing Driver wearing a two-piece bathing suit during her Miami vacation. Shortly after that, Driver took to Twitter again, this time to to vent her frustrations over being criticized for her bikini body.

I've seen the reactions she's referring to, and I feel really bad for her. The awful comments about Minnie Driver's appearance weren't just hateful, they were completely unmerited.

Not that it really matters what she looked like in the first place -- crapping on someone's body is never okay -- but when I look at the photos, I see a woman who's in great shape. She looks healthy, happy, and has the sort of visible muscle definition that most 44-year-olds would die for. She also looks 100% natural, as in not perfectly-lit, carefully posed, made up, or Photoshopped, and I guess that's why people decided it was a free-for-all on tearing her apart.

I also don't think it helps that sites rush to post these unsolicited paparazzi photos with headlines that specifically call attention to her body ("Minnie Driver Wows at 44 in Teeny Bikini!" "Minnie Driver Shows Off Sexy Bikini Body!"), because that essentially begs readers to pass judgment on her appearance. You know what I mean? There's exactly nothing newsworthy about Minnie Driver wearing a bathing suit on her vacation. The only reason to report on it is to talk about how she looks.

Anyway, here's what Driver posted on Twitter after the photos started circulating:



Man, that just sucks. Especially since just a week ago she told ABC News that she really enjoyed using Twitter, that she used it for news and to "answer the nonsensical rubbish that is written about you or not engage with that. It's given a little bit of control back, I love it."

Celebrities don't usually admit when public comments get under their skin, and while I wish she hadn't been on the receiving end I actually think it's great that she's coming out to say that yes, she sees that negative crap, and yes, it hurts. Maybe it'll make someone think twice before hitting the publish button on a cruel, utterly pointless remark.

Oh, and if by chance Minnie Driver reads this: fuck 'em. Lady, you look fantastic.

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wamom223 wamom223

I  must have missed something here because I went and looked at the photo's and I don't even know what you could say about them.  She looked amazing and well.....like someone on vacation.  And yeah I wouldn't just be happy to have that body at 44 I would have taken it at 30 and I'd take it right now at 35.  

nonmember avatar sarah

she looks damn good to me...stir heal thyself

nonmember avatar Tania

I happened to see the comments and was irate. People were so inappropriate! I think she looks amazing!

Freela Freela

She looks great!  I hate to see what the paparazzi would write about me if I was wearing that suit!  People are mean... we see so many photoshopped pictures that we have forgotten what real people look like.

nonmember avatar Greg

I agree with you Minnie, some people are heartless. I once had the pleasure of seeing you at Dietrich's coffee. You looked so amazing, I wanted to say hi, but wanted you to have your privacy. Love your work, don't let those Arse holes win, their lives are probably Shirt and looking up from their cesspool gives them something to look up to. Hahaaha

nonmember avatar me

So she doesnt look like shes 15. Is that the problem? She does look great. I wish everyone who likes to rip peoples bodies apart online would post a picture of themselves too, so we can see what theyre comparing that person to. Im sure itd shut up 99% of the haters

Mum2k... Mum2kj823

I'd take that body now at 25. She looks good and healthy. Everyone won't be a size 2. Go Minnie!

Amanda Mirambell-Grice

What's the best way to get a bikini body? Put a bikini on your body. SMH..............

Kaide... KaidensMama1107

TERRIBLE! GHASTLY! Did you SEE that body....................of water...?

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