'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska's 4-Year-Old Draws Disturbing Picture

aubree houskaChelsea Houska's been talking about her daughter Aubree's chalk drawing talent because the adorable 4-year-old has been tagging up the sidewalks in pink and yellow and blue every chance she gets. But when Chelsea asked what her little one's latest drawing is, she got quite the surprise.

Aubree told her mother that her drawing is of her holding a dead bird. Dead bird?! You know how they say that kids never lie? Well, there is some truth behind this disturbing picture.

Chelsea captioned this photo, "Aubree said she's drawing me holding a dead bird. maybe I shouldn't have let her watch me move the one that flew into our window (p.s. I did not carry it bare handed like her drawing)."

Wow. So a bird died by crashing into their window and Aubree watched her mom remove it. Kids remember so much -- and things stick with them ... things we wouldn't expect. Why when it came time to draw something with pretty pink and yellow chalk would Aubree choose to depict the time her mom had to move a dead bird? That one's for the psychologists, I guess. But just today, my daughter and I passed a sleeping homeless man and my own 4-year-old daughter asked me if he was dead. I was shaken to think she knows what dead looks like (not that the homeless man was dead -- we saw him later walking around) but that dead was the first guess. Why wouldn't she think he was just sleeping? Why dead? Hearing that word from her upset me. Just as Chelsea knowing her daughter is carrying the image of her mom moving the dead bird is stuck with her ... so much so she is drawing it.

It's incredible what kids pick up and retain. Should be a reminder to us all.

Have you ever experienced your child doing something similar?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Abigail

I don't think it's that much of a big deal. Aubree is just drawing what she sees, my daughter does the same. She saw a run over squirrel on the way to the park and she drew that for days. They just draw what affects them the most. As for assuming something or someone is dead, I think that's what they say when they want to know more about it. Like maybe they are trying to understand the difference between dead and asleep. I've seen kids draw much, much more worrying things than mom holding a dead bird.

Julia Todd

That is how children learn and work through death.  At that age, it's such an abstract concept.  She may not even fully grasp what it means.  It's nothing to call in the psychiatrists about, unless it became some all-consuming fear/obsession or causes nightmares, etc.  Don't make it a big deal, or you could cause some sort of fear or worry to develop, but also be open and answer any questions they may have.  

Kayleen Peavy

Its completely normal for her age. She is descovering a "non permance", and dealing with it in a COMPLETELY  normal way. Did you NOT research ANYTHING before writing this article?? SMH. 

Donna VanSchiack

This child is drawing what she sees and remembers. She may not understand it yet so talk to her about it and explain it to her the best way you can and tell the truth about it.

nonmember avatar Annette

You're kidding me right?! You really think the psychologist is warranted?! Good grief honey, relax. It's normal. She saw something and she drew it! Its quite normal, really, I promise! Had she drawn mommy killing the bird, brutally, then I might think "psychologist". Way to over think something so tiny!

Jenny Gaffer

I don't get why this is even a story..? My oldest son is 6yrs old and has been drawing since he was 2yrs old. Mostly it's trucks and people but there have been a few odd ones that make us scratch our heads. Kids are kids, they don't know that death is "taboo" to talk about or draw. Everyone needs to stop digging into the psyche of children and just let them be kids. Nothing is disturbing or wrong with the little girl, she just drew what she saw, it's as simple as that!

nonmember avatar Heather

I agree she's just drawing what she sees. Why would your daughter assume a man laying on the ground outside is sleeping? She doesn't sleep on the streets so to her it's not normal. If he was on a bench or in a bed then she probably would have thought he was sleeping.

Deanna Evenbeck Roddynomore

Really? This was worth taking time to write, and wasting my time to read?? Some people must really have boring lives to think this is "newsworthy"

Lisa Davidson

Who cares!! Only ones that do have no life!!

Jenni... JennikNan

We had our power turn off one time because we were behind on bills (it was only off for about an hour) and my son who was 4 at the time still talks about the time they shut off our power, he is going to be 6 in December. Children are like elephants they remember everything

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