Biggest 'Walking Dead' Villain Ever Finally Confirmed for the Show

Walking Dead NeganWalking Dead fans, let's talk about Negan. If you've read the comics, you know exactly who Negan is: the worst bad guy of all time. Like, so bad he makes the Governor look like a candy-ass pile of quivering weaksauce. Negan's the guy behind one of the most horrific and gruesome comics scenes I've ever read, thanks to his weapon of choice, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire he calls "Lucille."

Negan isn't just incredibly sadistic and evil, he also has the sort of potty mouth that could never make it to network television. Between his NC-17 violence and his language, it's almost impossible to imagine how Negan will show up on the small screen -- but creator Robert Kirkman has officially confirmed it. Barring the 1 percent chance plans go awry, we can definitely expect this memorable villain to join the cast at some point.


I don't really want to spoil Negan's story for you if you're not familiar with him, but in a nutshell, Negan is the leader of a group called "The Saviors." The Saviors are one of the largest organized survivor groups in the apocalyptic world, and they're extremely violent. Out of all these bad guys, Negan's pretty much the worst of the lot -- but what's great about his character is that he's ... well, this is going to sound weird, considering the unspeakable things he does, but he's entertaining as hell. Seriously, he's got the best cuss-word-laden dialogue out of anyone in the comics -- sort of like a cross between Swearengen in Deadwood and the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacketbut more jovial in a twisted kind of way.

Negan is so over the top I truly can't picture how he could translate to a television show, even a show like The Walking Dead, but Kirkman says it's definitely going to happen:

As far as Negan casting goes, Scott and I are always talking about who we would put in that, it's definitely on our minds, and there are definitely a lot of candidates. But I wouldn't expect Negan too terribly soon, although he is definitely in the plan. It's a 99% lock that he's going to be in the show eventually, so be on the lookout for that.

Oh man, that is going to be crazy, and I can't wait. As for who should play Negan, who do you think would do a good job? Here's what he looks like in the comics:

The first person I thought of was Henry Rollins, and it seems I'm hardly alone -- there's even a Facebook page for "Those who believe Henry Rollins would be fucking SICK as Negan from The Walking Dead comics if the character was to appear on TV!" Haaaaa.

Image via L7 World

Oh, and as for Kirkman's plans to bring a specific TV character into the books, it sounds like we can file this one under "Not gonna happen":

As much as I love Norman Reedus, and everybody loves Norman Reedus, you'll never see Daryl Dixon in the comic. There, I said it.

Are you looking forward to seeing Negan on the show? Got any casting ideas?

Image via Image Comics

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