Kailyn Lowry Forgives the Person We Never Thought She Would


kailyn lowry momWe've seen Kailyn Lowry and her mother's relationship progress since the moment she premiered on 16 & Pregnant, to the many installments of Teen Mom 2.

Most recently, Suzi has been largely absent from Kailyn's life because of her substance abuse issues, and Kailyn has been doing just fine. She's even vowed to give her kids the parents she's never had. So when Suzi swore to Kailyn that she would move in with her to help with the kids after Lincoln was born, Kailyn was rightfully weary of the promise.

And the moment Kailyn went into labor with her second baby, Suzi began frantically calling and texting Kailyn, proving that she had not yet sobered up. We really were hoping for a change.

And as it turns out, Suzi may have cleaned up her act.

According to an insider close to Kailyn, Suzi and her daughter "have been talking on the phone [and] Kailyn has forgiven her mother."

However, Kailyn has been set some major ground rules. Suzi hasn't met baby Lincoln yet, and won't until she has officially cleaned up.

This is definitely wonderful news. We can see how much Kailyn wants her mom to get better and be a grandmother to her children, but it's even better that she has very realistic boundaries for her. She won't, and should not be, around the babies until she's clean.

It's definitely not easy handle a parent with substance abuse, but Kailyn is doing everything she can. And we're wishing them the best!

Do you think Kailyn should have forgiven her mother?


Image via kaillowry/Instagram

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Momin... MominAL485

That is great news! Kailyn has set very clear boundaries and is telling exactly what she expects. And making it clear she will accept nothing less, as the safety and well-being of her babies comes first. Kailyn is an example and role model for any teenage girl who gets pregnant. No, I'm not saying teenage girls should get pregnant as it's so very difficult for anyone that age. But I think she has shown that even being a teenage mom, you can be a good one, if it happens.

I know how it is being a teen mom and a estranged from your mother. I was a teen mom and estranged, except for some very uncomfortable holidays until my son was into his teen years. Myhe past be son is 22 now and my mom and I am finally on equal ground and put the past behind us. Wish we could've done it sooner.

I wish Kailyn good luck and much happiness as she and her mom start this new beginning. It will be good for them and great for those babies!!

.anon... .anonymous

I don't think I could, but it takes someone super strong to do so. Kailyn has always been that person. I wish them all the best, and truly hope her mother is done with her bullshit.

nonmember avatar CAlli

Yes! She should have forgiven her mother. Life's too short to hold grudges especially against family. You never know when you can lose that person for good. Kailyn seems like a wonderful mother to those boys and I wish her the best.

nonmember avatar Jane

I really feel for Kailyn. She has done everything on her own & her mother has never been there for her. I know from having alcoholics in my family it is very hard to trust them when they make promises! You always get your heart broken. I know Kailyn wants to have her mother in her life because you could tell by her tears on the show she was truly was disappointed her mother was drinking again. I would suggest she get counseling before she makes the big step of letting her absent mother back into her life! I have to say I am very proud of her & all of her accomplishments she has made! Getting an education, working & being a single parent with no help is hard & she has done it! Good luck on your decision Kailyn! Do what is best for you & your family!

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