Jenelle Evans Is Going to Jail & Who Can Blame Her?

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

Forty-seven days is a long time to be away from the person you love, which is why Jenelle Evans plans on visiting Nathan Griffith in jail -- because "talking on the phone really isn't enough."

He's currently incarcerated for charges related to his last DUI. While 47 days doesn't sound that long in the grand scheme of things, I'm sure Jenelle is about to lose her mind without seeing Nathan face-to-face.

A friend of hers says she really wants to see him and added, "Jenelle is going to visit Nathan and she doesn't care if it is bad or not for a pregnant person to go to jail."

Huh. I'd never even thought about whether or not a woman could do any harm to her unborn baby by going to see her man in the slammer. I mean, there are pregnant women in jail whose babies wind up being perfectly fine -- so why should it matter if Jenelle pops by to see Nathan for a quick half-hour or so? It's not like she's going to be shacking up in his cell with him or anything, so what's the big deal?

I can't really say that I blame her one bit for wanting to see her man in person. What woman wouldn't?!?

Of course, visiting Nathan could possibly make things even harder, what with her being more emotional due to being pregnant and all. But at least she knows she won't have to live without him for too much longer.

Do you think Jenelle is making a bad decision by going to see Nathan in jail?


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nonmember avatar Kelli

No she's not harming her child! I would go see my man to. Someone please tell me how that is hurting the baby.

nonmember avatar Bridgette

Shes not harming her kid ? Shes visiting nathan , shes not going into the jail ? Relax people seriously, tons and tons of pregnant women visit their significant others in jail.

nonmember avatar chynna

I think if she truly loves Nathan of course she would visit him.. . Its not like going to a jail will harm the baby inside her!

nonmember avatar Helen Thurman

I was pregnant while I was in jail for 40 days and my son is perfect. So she is not harming the baby just to visit him. Come on people!

nonmember avatar amy

What a stupid post. Seriously? It doesn't hurt the baby...dur dur durrr

nonmember avatar Amy

PICK A DIFFERENT TITLE. Omgosh, this website constantly, all the time, practically every article, twists the title to way blow out of proportion an otherwise normal/every day situation.

monta... montanaemery

This is so freakin stupid. I hate clicking on something that sounds better than it actually turns out to be. 'Hurting her child'... Grow up! Poor excuse for a 'story' here.

Lori Bennett

i think this is a stuid article can;t you find something better to write about


aweck85 aweck85

Jenelle needs to stop looking for a man! It seeems like every man she has had she has been too attached to. Work on your life and your son that you already have that your mom takes care of.

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