Chris Martin Makes Major Statement About Divorce From Gwyneth

chris martinGwyneth Paltrow took her whole divorce announcement into her own hands and published a statement signed by her and soon-to-be ex-husband Chris Martin on GOOP. We were all going to gossip about it anyway, so I applaud her for taking control of the situation as best as she could and putting it out there on her own terms. It was a great yet highly under-read explanation of conscious uncoupling by experts who really had many good points to supply all of us (divorced or married) introspection within the post. Then Gwynnie mentioned her gratitude in another post before she got into the nitty gritty of leftovers.

Chris Martin has stayed quiet for the most part, speaking only through GOOP and Gwyneth. Until now.

Chris was at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony last night (yes! The one where Nirvana did the amazing!) and the very smiley ex of Gwyneth was very visibly without his wedding ring.

It's kind of the first thing to happen though, right? I'd say it goes something like this: I want a divorce! Me too! Harrumph! *The sounds of rings clinging in the bathroom sink.* Something like that ... perhaps?

But it was more than just a no-ring thing for the Coldplay singer. It was his whole demeanor. He was happy. Beaming, one could say. And he looked good. Real goooood. "I couldn't be more thrilled to be here," he said and he cracked some jokes. He even sang with Gabriel on stage. It was a good day for Chris. He is, after all, GOOP-free. And maybe that's just what he needed. Sometimes relationships end and this whole conscious uncoupling thing can help people with that transition. With peace. With love. With happiness. Divorce doesn't have to mean doom. 

What do you think of Chris Martin's post-divorce statement? No ring, seemingly happy ... he'll be okay, right?

Image via ilkerender/Flickr

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fave82 fave82

major statement? really?

lizilli lizilli

NEWS FLASH!  Man smiles!!!

nonmember avatar Allie

I would think anyone who finally got rid of Gwyn would be extremely happy!

nonmember avatar KEL

What a catty wanna-be journalist. Ever stop to think how you would feel if someone of your lacking caliber wrote an article about how happy your partner is without you? New job in order, and perhaps a personality transplant. Oh wait, only one of those things is possible.

Austi... Austinsmommy12

Haha Allie, awful but also my first thought!

nonmember avatar michelle

He is NOT make a divorce statement. He said he was thrilled to be there. He did not say he was thrilled to be there as a single man. And yes, he will be smiling at an event that honors his friend's induction into the R&RHF... such a misleading headline. Again. Sigh. I know these two, they are good people, good parents, and the statement on GOOP was from both of them. THAT was their statement, not what he said at the event. Please try to be accurate.

TAG_u... TAG_ur_it

What the fuck is GOOP??


nonmember avatar rachel

He does seem pretty happy. She seems like a complicated woman - without the interesting part. Just someone who would be difficult and has her head spinning all the time. I think she was very happy with him for a while. He was gone all the time touring. He probably cheated on her and she decided if you can;t beat them join them. Things get too messy when you try to maintain a marriage while getting naked with other people. She's annoying but I kind of feel bad for her.

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