Kate Middleton Humiliates Prince William in the Most Unbelievable Way

Kate Middleton

Forget formal engagements and dinners and the like -- on the fourth day of their Royal Tour, Prince William and Kate Middleton competed in a sailing race in Auckland Harbor after meeting with Royal New Zealand Air Force servicemen and women.

Both took the wheel behind an 80-foot sloop, and then they faced off in not one, but two races. It sounds like the competition was pretty fierce. Eric Haagh, the skipper of Prince William's boat, said, "William was very competitive right from the start. He didn't want to lose."

And I'm sure you can guess how the whole thing played out.

Duh. Kate won both of the races -- which had to have been such a great little boost for her ego.

An observer mentioned how she came off the boat looking pretty pleased with herself, and that's when Prince William joked, "I bet she is! Selfless husband! I wanted a quiet night."

And he also made some little remark about being "sabotaged."

Tell it like it is, Wills -- your wife kicked your butt!

But honestly, I'm guessing he finds it pretty endearing that Kate isn't afraid to kick off her heels and participate in sporty activities, which is one of the things that drew him to her in the first place. She can hold her own in any situation -- and she's just as competitive and confident as he is.

And in reference to the comment he made about "wanting a quiet night ..." -- let's hope that didn't happen. If Kate is as spunky as she appears to be, I'm sure she reminded him over and over again that his sailing skills are no match for hers!

Oh come on, there's no harm in a little flirtatious teasing every now and then.

Are you surprised that Kate beat Wills in the races?


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m3lis... m3lissa_16

The title of this article is a little misleading. There is nothing humiliating about a woman beating her husband in a sport. Unless, sexism plays a role. She won, and he's happy she did. That is all.

nonmember avatar ML

The media needs to stop interpreting it too much. I'm with m3lissa_16. The headline is a little bit much. If that's not enough. The last sentence said "Are you surprise that Kate beats Wills in the race?" Big deal. They're out there having fun. I wouldn't even call it humiliating.

Stephanie Irene Leidig

The title gets you to read the article doesn't it? Cafe Mom readers need to get a grip!

Judi Price

They have fun and are competetive they were when they went to St Andrews together. Its GREAT that they can match off against each other and Im sure William did not mind his adored wife winning.....

Kimberly Feaster

main thing is  they enjoyed it...  there is no win or lose ... it just for fun...  let them enjoy the fun... don't be so negitives... i like them.. unlike celebs  Jenner's girls... they think they all that... big deal.. eww big butts... not look right on them... that all.

Doris McCauslin

But just wait til Camilla gets wind of this - can you imagine the dirt and nastiness against Kate she will give to everyone!!

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