Adam Lind Accuses Chelsea Houska of the Unthinkable (VIDEO)


Adam Lind Chelsea Houska

Dude. Wait until you check out this sneak peek of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special with Dr. Drew, which is set to air on MTV later this month.

We're SO in for a good dose of drama, especially since Adam Lind calls out Chelsea Houska for cheating on him while she was pregnant with Aubree -- and that's not all.

You guys? Pay special attention to Adam's little rant about all the "bad stuff" Chelsea supposedly did. You won't believe what he accuses her of.

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OMG. He says she slept with his brother?!? And she didn't even deny it?!?

Seriously, when he said that, I was all, "The NERVE of that guy!" But then Chelsea piped right in with, "This is all before you ..." -- which is basically an admission that she did indeed sleep with his bro, right?

Man. If that's the case, then their relationship is way more tumultuous than we ever imagined. I guess it's a good thing they parted ways when they did -- because it looks like neither one of them ever caused the other anything but pain.

You live, you learn ... I guess.

On a lighter note -- who else is super excited for this reunion show after seeing this sneak peek? Who knows what other interesting little tidbits will come to light after it airs.

Do you think Chelsea really slept with Adam's brother?


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Jai Hutto

Adam: People WILL point out all of the things you do wrong WHEN YOU ARE STILL DOING THE WRONG THINGS! This is not the first time that her cheating on him while she was pregnant has come up...this was addressed 2 seasons ago during one of the OTHER reunion shows. She fully admitted that she cheated on him with one of his best friends. She said she did it because "he did it to me first". Dr. Drew interrupted and said "So you cheated AT him, then?" She said "yes, because I was pregnant and it hurt me so bad that he slept with one of my friends. I wanted to make him feel bad, too." Immature? YES. But she was 16 at the time and has sucked it up and grown up since then. She's taken care of her responsibilities. What's he done? Oh, yeah...he's gotten THREE DUI's, wrecked his corvette and almost killed an elderly couple AND now he's left his SECOND kid out in the cold just like he did Aubree. I'd love to punch Adam in the fucking face. What a self centered prick!

Jo-Ann Tuohey

Adam is such a piece of garbage, still bringing up things that happened years ago to try to make himself look better. News flash Adam!!  Nothing you can say or do will make you look better. You have neglected Aubree and now Paislee, you are nothing but self centered and any money you ever did have, you spent on yourself, never supported your children with it. We do watch the show and can see what a liar you are. You keep trying to trash Chelsea, but she is the one who has raised Aubree from birth, she is the one who has grown up and made something of her life, she is a wonderful mother and role model to your daughter. You should appreciate the fact that Aubree has such a good mom and stop bashing Chelsea for things she did when she was a child herself. You can't hide what we have seen and heard with our own eyes and ears on the show, you try to make anyone who will listen, believe that you are trying to be a good father and that it's Chelsea's fault that you haven't taken care of your daughter. You need to grow up and take responsibility for your own actions. It is nobody elses' fault that you have dui's up the ass, you are a deadbeat dad, you have no respect for the mother's of your children, etc. etc. Quit trying to shock people with the story about your brother, this happened before Chelsea even knew you, if it happened at all. I totally agree with Jai, you need a punch in the face, and that's just for starters....

nonmember avatar Ocean Taylor

Chelsea is a great mother from what I've seen on the show, everyone should be talking about the good things or how good she has done. Adam hasn't done anything really he needs to be a man and step up, and if he doesn't want to step up he needs to step away. Aubree doesn't need him in and out of her life either your in or your out make up your mind for your daughters sake.

Kelly Simmons

chelsea is a spoiled B"itch and her dad is a DH who neerds to grow up.adam should punch that tub of lard in the face

nonmember avatar Matt

Where did MTV find these lovers for these shows. Such bad role models. Pregnancies, abortions, arrests, cheating, drug abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, narcassist etc. If it were legal, people like Jenelle would be sterilized. I feel sorry for some of these kids living in this chaos. So sad to watch and worse of all, these kids are on camera and all of this will not only be seen by them but also their classmates & friends. At least their psychiatrist and therapists will also have access to it.

nonmember avatar Ohrly

I actually don't care if Chelsea slept with the entire high school football team. None of that excuses Adam from letting down his daughter the way he has! Or saying that she was a mistake and he wanted to sign his rights away.

nonmember avatar kayla

You go Chelsea your the best

Christina Ackermann

Adam for real needs to keep the past alone and concentrate on the present. When Chelsea said you will always blame me and he said no. That is a lie right there. He will always blame things on her because he wants to make himself look better than Chelsea. Chelsea's dad Randy has been there for Chelsea and Aubree from the day Aubree was born. Randy has been standing by Chelsea since she gave birth to Aubree. Chelsea has done so much for Aubree that she should get Mother of the World Award and Adam for real needs to seek counseling. He has some issues that he needs to deal with and accept. Adam has and always will bash about Chelsea and he won't grow up and accept the fact that Chelsea is a wonderful mom and she is doing a great job raising Aubree without Adam's help.

Lilly Kaaos

I agree with a lot of people here, the past is the past... move on. Chelsea is an amazing mom, and she has definitely done a great job making a good life for the two of them. And so what, her dad helped/helps her out often, that just means she has a great support system. Some people are not fortunate enough to have that. Chelsea grew up and did what she had to do to take care of her daughter, and I definitely commend her for that. Not many teens can do it.

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