Jenelle Evans Is Sleeping With Another Man While Nathan Griffith Is Behind Bars (PHOTO)

Jenelle EvansIn case you missed it, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evan's main squeeze and baby daddy Nathan Griffith began his 47-day jail sentence this week for charges related to that DUI he got back in last September. Jenelle has been a total grown-up about it, which might be surprising, except that this once-upon-a-time-train-wreck has been doing a stellar job lately of keeping her crap together.

So what's Jenelle been doing to keep her mind off missing Nathan? Sharing her bed with another man, of course! Oh, pipe down ... it isn't what you think. Jenelle Instagrammed an adorable pic of her firstborn Jace hogging the covers in the wee hours on Friday morning.

She captioned the sweet photo, "Little man is taking up my whole bed!!!! I don't mind. :-)"

Awww! It's so great to see Jenelle focusing on her son rather than wallow in misery while Nathan is doing his time.

It's even better to see her enjoying the little nutso things about motherhood that we all have a love/hate relationship with -- like those little buggers taking up the whole bed and stealing the blankets.

Something tells me it's going to be a whole different ballgame with Jenelle this time when Kaiser comes around.

Do your kids ever sneak into bed with you?


Images via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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amunfam5 amunfam5

Love how you tell the readers to pipe down on the assumptions that you walked them into and used to get people to read the article in the first place. Mmm hmm

Tiffany Smith Harris

I think she will get Jace back if she keeps doing so well! Glad to see Barb let him spend the night with her!! Good bonding time b4 the new little bundle comes!! Way to Go J.!! Keep it up! Proud of you! ;)


Gabbi... GabbiM1217

Haters will hate and talk shit no matter what jajaja but love u girl keep up the good work


nicki... nickimiranda

I love how some people say that she is STILL a terrible mother, but actually she is being a really good mother to Jace. She WAS a terrible mother and during that time Barbara would not let Jenelle even take Jace to the store, let alone have him overnight. So even Barbara must see the change in her, because otherwise she would never put Jace in harms way.

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