Amber Portwood Reveals the Truth About Her Relationship With Gary Shirley

Amber PortwoodEver since Teen Mom star Amber Portwood got out of prison last fall, the recovering drug addict has impressed us immensely with how far she's come, especially in her relationship with baby daddy Gary Shirley.

The two had quite the toxic relationship (um, she physically assaulted him on camera), so it's been great to see them getting along for the sake of their daughter Leah. But is it possible that the romance is rekindling between Gary and Amber?

In case you missed it, Gary has a baking business now, and it seems like his most recent customer is none other than his ex-fiance and mother of his child. He tweeted last week that he had finished Amber's $55 cookie order, and apparently those cookies were worth every red cent, because girlfriend was back for more.

Amber tweeted about her banana bread carb-fest courtesy of Gary and used a very familial pet name.

Thanks hun? And a little heart? Could it be? Did Amber find her true gentleman after all, right under her nose? Nope, apparently not the case. Addressing the immediate response she got on Twitter wondering about their relationship, she cleared things up and denied any warm fuzzies for her ex.

Sigh. Well, it's probably a good thing. Those two were volatile together and seem to be working out much better as co-parents and friends.

Would you like to see Amber and Gary back together?


Image via Amber Portwood/Twitter

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nonmember avatar Nire

I always liked Gary. I think that he’s made mistakes, but who hasn’t. Given the hand he’s been dealt, I think he’s come a really long way in being a good parent for Leah.

Jennifer Saunders

No!!!! These 2 were volatile together!!! Gary purposely pushed Amber's buttons all the time!!! & Amber leg him get the best of her by acting out with violence & profanity in front of Leah! These two are better off apart!!! They both coparent better without each other!!!

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