Kim Kardashian Chased After One Man Who Wanted Nothing to Do With Her

Kim KardashianIs it me or is Kim Kardashian, for all her fame, money, and beauty, like the high school loser who is perpetually begging to be friends with the cool kids? Whether it's Vogue editor Anna Wintour or the Hollywood A-list, it appears Kim (or at least Kanye, through Kim) is always trying to be part of a clique that doesn't want her. The latest rejection rumors center on probably the coolest cat on the planet (besides Jay Z) ... President Obama!

A source tells RadarOnline that Kim, a big Obama supporter, was desperate to work for the campaign in some capacity, but not surprisingly, Obama wasn't down with that. Says the source:

Kim is political poison. Having her involved in a political event or with a candidate is the last thing people who are serious about getting elected want.

Wow, just think how close Romney came to being elected! If only Kim had joined the Obama campaign!

I think this is overstating things just a tad. I very much doubt Kim has the ability to throw elections. But it's not surprising that, given how controversial the star can be, Obama wouldn't want her anywhere near his campaign.

Sorry, Kim, but if you want to be taken seriously and run with the big boys, you might want to stop snapping pics of that national ass-et of yours. This may have been enough to win over Kanye West, but leaders of the Free World are not as easily impressed. Unless you're Bill Clinton. He would have had Kim in the Oval Office in no time.

But maybe Kim should keep trying. After all, who thought she'd finally get on the cover of Vogue? K-Dash for Hillary!

Would you vote for a candidate that Kim endorsed?


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nonmember avatar Nire

Umm… Romney wasn’t close to becoming President. But, I get your point, I guess.

Ryan Wasney

You sound like such a miisogynist when you talk about Kim. Why are you such a rude hater?

nonmember avatar dzestina

why cant people just stop being rude to her and stuff! obviously people hate her becouse she is beautiful and has a great life and those haters are just jelous about it!...and i love kim ;)

Cindy McGraw

Do you seriously think she wields that much power? She's not Oprah.

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