Juan Pablo's Latest Remark About Nikki Ferrell Leaves Us Baffled


Juan Pablo & Nikki Ferrell

I'm still not buying that they're actually a real couple, but after seeing a sweet photo of Nikki Ferrell that Juan Pablo Galavis shared on Instagram, it's definitely possible that there might be a small shred of true admiration between them.

I should probably mention that the photo itself, one of her wearing her scrubs, isn't worth getting all excited about. But the words Juan Pabs used to caption the pic? Dare I say they seem genuine?

And if he wasn't being honest about what he said, then he's an even bigger scumbag than he was portrayed to be on The Bachelor.

Here's the shot:

Nikki Ferrell

And to describe it, Juan Pablo said, "Mi Catira @nikki_ferrell LOVES her JOB and thats ONE of the things I LOVE about her ... #NikkiTheNurse"

Notice how he put an emphasis on "love" -- and indicated that there is more than one thing he finds appealing about her? (Interesting.)

But let's get back to what it is that he said he LOVES -- that she's passionate about her job. If I didn't know any better, I'd say this proves that while he may not be head-over-heels, Juan Pablo does appear to have a certain level of respect for Nikki, which definitely scores him an extra point or two.

Maybe since he's a dad, he just can't resist the idea of her taking care of kids in her profession, because it does lend itself to her being an ideal stepmom to Camila. (I mean, you'd think that would be important to him in a potential mate.)

I can't believe I'm actually going to say this, but maybe there is hope for Nikki and Juan Pabs yet as far as developing a legit relationship goes? As long as there is some sort of genuine fondness going on, you never know what can happen. Having a mutual respect for each other is better than nothing, right?

Does Juan Pablo's comment make you like him a little more?


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Becky Garcia Peterson

No, he's still a scumbag. I thought he was a good guy at first and was happy he was going to be the bachlor, but as the show went on, I started to see him differently, and I didn't like what I saw. I was very disappointed with him, and now I think he and Niki deserve each other, don't think much of her either.

nonmember avatar Victorya

Regardly of his comments, wish them all the best in everything they do.

Celeste Azevedo Sousa

Wish the best for them!!! I just wish people would give them the benefit of the dought!!!

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