Kris Jenner's Explanation for Bruce's 'Sex Change' Is Unbelievable

Bruce JennerKris Jenner is speaking up about estranged husband Bruce Jenner and his rumored sex change again. In the past, Kris has adamantly denied that Bruce is in the process of having a sex change -- despite his much more feminized features, French manicure, tracheal shave, and rumors that he's already picked out Brigitte as his new name. (I like it!)

This time, Kris told the Kyle and Jackie O Show about Bruce:

That's a story they've been writing since the Seventies, and I think they just keep regurgitating stuff ... and the more sensational the headline they are going to sell magazines. It's just like unbelievable that these blatant lies are printed and people are gullible and they buy the magazines.

Hmmm. Granted, I wasn't buying tabloids in the '70s, but does anyone recall rumors about Bruce Jenner having a sex change then? I for one don't even remember them a few years ago. This seems like a stretch, Kris.

Of course, Kris wouldn't want to spill Bruce's secret (if he's got one). On the other hand, there have been rumors that all of this Bruce sex change stuff was started in the press by Kris's people anyway! Who knows what's going on!

But if anyone can dig up a story from the '70s about Bruce having a sex change, would love to see it! Bruce would have made a hot '70s chick, just sayin'.

Do you think the sex change rumors are this old?

Image via Matt Smith, Jeff Steinberg/PacificCoastNews



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nonmember avatar stan

Just because you're not old enough to "remember" the sex change rumors doesn't mean they weren't happening then. I am and I do remember them. Bruce began altering his features not long after his Olympic success. He now seems to be ramping it up. But he didn't just start. The physical Bruce Jenner people met during the Kardashians is nowhere NEAR what he looked like as an Olympian.
Open a book.

Lynette Kok

Each to his own,whatever makes him happy.

Faye Sims

Leave him alone. He's been through enough with Kris the hag. She snowballed him years ago.

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