Kate Middleton Dazzles in Blue but Wait Until You See Her Hair! (PHOTOS)

Kate MiddletonOMG. How much fun is it this week to see the latest and greatest Kate Middleton outfit from the Royal Tour?!? It's obvious that she's pulled out all the stops for her travel wardrobe this time around, and she really does look more stunning than ever.

Yesterday, Kate and Prince William attended a wreath-laying ceremony at the War Memorial in Seymour Square in Blenheim, New Zealand. And I gotta say, this chic blue Alexander McQueen peplum peacoat has to be one of her classiest looks yet.

Paired with navy heels and a darling poppy pin, this ensemble is about as put together as put together gets.

But let's forget about the coat for a second, because Kate's hair is what we really need to be fussing over here.


Kate Middleton

You guys? I'm drooling over this perfectly polished ponytail of hers. Don't you love how she has hair wrapped around the elastic so it doesn't look messy or too casual? Gah. I know her personal hairdresser is accompanying her on this trip, but still -- most of us can only dream of pulling off a pony this exquisite.

And even though we all envy and love how her long locks look when she wears her hair down around her shoulders, she should consider giving the ponytail a whirl a little more often. The style certainly suits her and shows off her gorgeous features even more.

Plus, at least with her hair up, it will be harder for Prince George to give it a good tug.

Do you like Kate's hair in a ponytail?


Images via Chris Jackson/Getty; Pool/Getty

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nonmember avatar Jan mcgee

I think she (as always) looks stunning. Love the "do".

Bette Robins Donovan

Why don't you leave her alone, she doesn't need her hair all fancy every time she goes out, especially with the schedule they have going. She looks beautiful even I her rubber boots walking her dog beside the river at home, and nobody said anything about that. LEAVE the couple alone!!!!!!

Debbie Louis-Davis

Kate would be beautiful no matter what. I love the pony tail!

nonmember avatar Terri Fadder

Kate is alway Beautiful no matter what she does, shes just that kind of confident woman. Yes her hair is gorgeous, if half of you knew what you were doing, your supposed to make a knot with your own hair, NOT elastic! AND even though Im American I have to say-Her name is NOT MIDDLETON anymore! Leave her alone!!!!!

Maria Pearce

I think she is amazing all the time.


Debbie Learn

Duchess Kate always looks fabulous, dressed up or dressed down ! She is truly a beautiful woman.

Jennifer Breedlove

Catherine looks wonderful. no matter what clothes or hairstyle she has.

nonmember avatar Lidija

Yes I do. I like her ponytail. It's cute.

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