Chelsea Houska's 'I Hate Men' Tweet Isn't a Good Sign

chelsea houskaWhy Chelsea Houska doesn't have a boyfriend is one of life's great mysteries. The Teen Mom star has so much going for her: She's got a great job; she's a loving mom to her adorable daughter, Aubree; she's funny; and, hello, hair for days! It seems like everyone is oft wondering why Chelsea hasn't gotten serious with someone (really serious) since her baby daddy, Adam Lind.

Well, maybe she has, and we just didn't know it. Chelsea fired off a cryptic tweet recently, saying that ... she hates men.

Did somebody break Chelsea's heart? Oh, hell no.

chelsea houska

Of course, the tweet was just a one-off, and we didn't get much more information beyond it (for all we know, she could be talking about some dude who cut her off while driving). But I can't help but think that there's something more to it. "I hate men" is what you say when hate a man in particular.

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Again, I really don't understand how our girl Chelsea is still single after all these years. Almost all the other Teen Moms are in relationships -- I mean, how is Jenelle Evans pregnant and in a serious relationship with someone while Chelsea's all by her lonesome? Doesn't make sense. (No offense, Jenelle.)

Guess Chelsea's just being picky and waiting for the right guy (lord knows there has to be men banging down her door). And until that happens, we'll be on the sidelines, rooting for her. Team Chelsea 4 Lyfe. 

(But, seriously, Chelsea, if someone messed with you, we are NOT cool with it.)

Do you think Chelsea is waiting for the right guy? Do you think she's still hung up on Adam Lind at all?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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nonmember avatar J

I can tell you why no guy wants to date her. She was on T.V. probably thinks shes a star now, or acts that way, and who wants to date someone with a kid, and the dad still in their life? that's a relationship red flag. - sincerely single guy.

nonmember avatar J

I know why no one wants to date her. 1.She was on t.v. probably thinks she's a star now, 2. she has a kid, and baby daddy drama. That's a red flag for us guys. - sincerely a single guy.

Christine Lowery

To be honest if Adam woul take her back she would go for it. I mean come on u can tell by the way she acts when she's around him.

megan... meganellis

@ J...Are you serious? Just because someone has a child, doesn't mean guys won't want to date them. I have many friends who have children and found that special someone after the fact. I'd be shocked if you have a girlfriend. You sound like a douche!

Amy Hyland

Well.....maybe guys don't want to date her because she's still secretly stuck on Adam and whenever Adam and Taylor break up, Chelsea is right there hooking up with him! Chelsea can deny it all she wants but she still wants Adam and still secretly hooks up with him and everyone knows this, she's not fooling anyone but herself, why do you think Chelsea kept flirting with Adam in the earlier episodes teen mom 2 season 5?? Because she was still secretly sleeping with him!

Amber Dwyer

Maybe she just doesn't want to complicate relationships with her kid. 

Jo-Ann Tuohey

I hate to say it, but I think Chelsea is still hooked on Adam too. It is a shame, because she can do so much better than this creep, but some people never get over their first love, no matter how bad that person may be. I hope someday Chelsea sees that he really is a creep in all ways and as Aubree gets older and Chelsea sees how Adam's behavior is hurting her child, she will finally get over his sorry ass for good. He is nothing but a deadbeat piece of garbage. Chelsea has the best dad in the world in Randy Houska and hopefully someday she meets a man who will treat her and Aubree the way they deserve to be treated, like they are special.

Amanda Anddustin McDonald

In my opinion, she doesn't love, or even like Adam, at all. I think if she's single, it's because she doesn't want to be like most of the other moms on the show (cough cough Jennelle) and keep bringing a bunch of new guys into her daughter's life. Maybe she figures if she found a guy that her and Aubree both liked he'd be just the same as Adam, and she doesn't want to hurt and disappoint her daughter. She may be a whiny stuck up bitch, but she really is a great mom.

nonmember avatar Kristy

Personally Chelsea is my favorite. She seems to focus primarily on her daughter. If you ask me she may still have feelings for Adam but I mean,they have a child together so this is normal. I say thumbs up to Chelsea, and maybe she's totally learned her lesson with Adam. Maybe she is waiting on the right guy, because she has raised her standards. Way to go Chelsea

nonmember avatar Steve

Maybe she's single because women her age are in much better shape and more physically attractive than she is. And she comes with baggage.

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