Adam Lind Refuses to Do Something Important for Chelsea Houska & Aubree

Chelsea HouskaOh, Adam Lind, whatever shall we do with you? Chelsea Houska's ex-boyfriend may be good at contributing DNA to make some pretty adorable babies, but it's clear he doesn't take his daddy responsibilities very seriously.

When you're split from your progeny's other parent, only one thing matters -- the best interest of the child. You suck it up, and you do what has to be done, because that little person you love depends on you. Not in Adam's world though -- he wouldn't even give Chelsea his new phone number when he had visitation with their daughter Aubree!


Not that he was really spending much time with her anyway -- Chelsea was pretty pissed to find out that Adam wasn't even with Aubree while she was at his parents' house for supervised visitation. In case you missed it, he has to have supervised visitation because he's a douchey-douche little immature.

Geez, after all the grief Adam's put Chelsea through to even get to see his daughter, you think he'd actually be interested in, oh, I don't know, spending time with his daughter! But no. Plus he had to be a total drama queen with Chels and refuse to give her his new phone number, so they only way they could communicate was through Facebook.

She asked him sarcastically (she may have called him pathetic) (it may have been deserved) how exactly she was supposed to contact him in case of an Aubree issue, he responded, "You still wanna live your life being a bitch, then whatever Chelsea."

It's almost like he doesn't understand that his ass-hattery is being taped, broadcast, and archived. Your kids are going to see this someday, Adam. Act accordingly.

Do you think it was immature of Adam to refuse to give Chelsea his phone number?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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