Juan Pablo Caught Giving Nikki Look That Confirms All We Suspected (PHOTO)

juan pablo nikki First there was that finale. The After the Rose no I-love-yous. We questioned commitment. Didn't know if it would last. Was there love between Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell at all or just lust? Was there passion without promise? Did the whole season of The Bachelor leave us with another failed romance? No matter how we felt about Juan, we still wanted love and I love yous and headlines with all the mushy sweetness that comes when two people are so mad for each other it just oozes out of them and seen in every photo the couple is in together.

We weren't getting that. We were getting campy, silly, smiling perfect looking people who were having fun. But love? I love you in a look? No. Not there. UNTIL NOW!


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Sure, we got the I love you confirmation through "a source" the other day, but this ... THIS ... this is the proof. There is love love love between JP and Nikki. The photo says it all. You just cannot look at someone like that and have it be fake. They are so happy. Laughing so effortlessly. Nikki's hand touching JP ever so perfectly. I'd suspect Juan touched the small of her back after. Or maybe they kissed. They laughed. They had fun. They are IN LOVE!

I don't think we need a body language professional to tell us that because it's just so clear. And I don't know about you, but it restores my faith in the whole Bachelor franchise. We can all sleep better tonight knowing that this love is real.

What do you think of this photo of JP and Nikki? True love always?


Images via juanpagalavis/Instagram; Twitter

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pbutl... pbutler111

Get a grip. I've seen total strangers laugh with each other the same way. All this "proves" is that they were in the same room together when someone said something funny.

nonmember avatar coroner

agreed.... this just shows he's pleased with getting laid

nonmember avatar Cita

This could have been two strangers laughing at someone who fell. Her hand is behind him in a NOT "Oh hunn you are so funny" way and the distance between the bodies... No chemistry!!! This will end by before you can spell JUNE!


You are dreaming, I've seen more chemistry in lab rats!

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