'RHOA's Kenya Moore Accused of Doing Something Despicable to Get Sympathy (VIDEO)

There's an interesting phenomenon on reality television called "You Can Do No Right," and we saw it on both The Real Housewives of Atlanta as well as New York this week. Whether it was Kenya Moore or Aviva Drescher, even at their most heartbreaking moments, viewers don't seem to like (or believe) them. In this week's exclusive video below, we dish on that plus Beverly Hills, the return of Orange County, and the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding troubles!

If you haven't heard, Kenya's dog Velvet passed away. Except some people think she faked the death with the help of her BFF accomplice Brandon DeShazer. In the video, I explain what I think happened and why the fallout continues, plus why I think NeNe Leakes and I should become brain surgeons.

Over in Beverly Hills, the "Secrets Revealed" episode didn't reveal too much except product placement, but what I found interesting was the crossover between Brandi Glanville and Yolanda Foster to the New York franchise. In today's video below I discuss why that's a strategic move, even if Kristen Taekman doesn't want to hear it!

And Aviva Drescher. Hoo boy. She and Kenya should go out for drinks together, I think. The episode was a really wide arc for her, starting out horribly and ending with what had to be very scary and gut wrenching for her. The question is, why was it put together that way ... and did it work? I give you my take on it.

Now ... on to the Kardashians, because neither you nor I can look away. Apparently there's a snafu with the wedding plans that neither Kim, Kanye, nor the E! producers can work around. Except there's ALWAYS a work-around, and I give my prediction. All that and more in the video below; watch now!

Who do you think is the most hated Real Housewife -- Aviva or Kenya?

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nonmember avatar Suzy Q

I can't view the video.....

nonmember avatar LizFromNYC

I laughed and laughed when you said that "people don't even believe Kenya when she says her dog died." OMG!! that was me! The tears flowed freely when I saw Kenya upset that her dog had been "killed by a bigger dog," and she saw "Velvet hanging from the bigger dog's mouth." OMG! I have a Yorkie so my heart went out to Kenya. Then I saw the entry where Kenya faked her dog's death, and I now hated her more than I did before. On the RHOOrange County, not excited at all. Last season I flatlined watching this show. I am done with Vicky, and the rest of the women are just one big snooze.

nonmember avatar Connie S

I cried watching Kenya's pain over the loss of Velvet. I don't think she could act that convincingly. I believed her hook, line and sinker. I have lost animals and been that upset and her reaction rang true. She was wrecked.

Melinda Grandits

I'm glad Velvet is ok but I am disgusted at the lengths that Kenya will go to for sympathy. I too had a Yorkie that was killed by another dog. Brought back terrible memories. She should be ashamed. "If this is true".

nonmember avatar Ana Rivera

Is it me or Nene was actually wearing some of her HSN stuff in the meeting with her manager? The meeting were they were going to approve the designs and fabrics?

mrsary mrsary

Yea it was horrible acting. Lol.

Cynth... Cynthia.B

I believed Keyna that her dog died ,but I still hate her. Still Hate Aviva to. Glad she got the closer she wanted and needed but it was only to sell the book so it was fake if she really wanted that closer she could have gotten it anytime she wanted. Rape is a word that should never be used lightly,it's something that haunts you forever being yelled at is nothing. Heather cursing was funny because these ladies are all to be high class so it so made her look bad. I Hate Heather to . Of all the girls from Beverly Hills they had to bring the 2 I HATE the most! A housewives dream team! You of course Alex ,Lisa,Vicki,Ramona,Kandi,Lisa Hochstein,Mary Zilba( Vancouver)&Joanna. No I'm looking forward to another Bravo Wedding. I would not be surprised if the Kardashian  wedding would be another one just for show,just another "comment" ceremony.I will not be watching. 

hurt469 hurt469

I can't see this on my phone

nonmember avatar DameAng

I agree that Nene is in for a rude awakening when she is not the darling of the moment. She is scared and I think that can be seen with her actions on Housewives. She never thought about going down that ladder. Aviva is just being smart, who is on camera, who is doing the talking, who is being talked about, Aviva. Better to start a bitch at the first and become the darling by reunion time. Carol should have kept her cool and has admitted as much. Sorry about the dog, but how about some real tears or do they eat your makeup. I don't care about Kimaye at all!

Alex McCord

Hey everyone, for those having trouble viewing the video from this page, try this link: http://bcove.me/i1g00j4r -- cheers and thank you for watching & commenting!

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