'Teen Mom 2' Is NOT Coming to an End After All!

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Teen Mom 2 cast

Remember back in March when the news broke that Teen Mom 2 had been cancelled, leaving us all to wonder what in the heck we're going to do after season 5 comes to a close? (As far as getting our fix of insane MTV drama, that is.)

I mean, I guess we can always hope for reunion shows -- but still, that really doesn't seem like enough. Wouldn't it be great if we could see what happens in the lives of Jenelle Evans, Leah Calvert, Kailyn Lowry, and Chelsea Houska for at least a little bit longer?

If your answer is a big fat YES! -- then I have some amazing news.

According to RadarOnline, producers have changed their minds and Teen Mom 2 season 6 is actually going to happen. (I know. This is amazeballs.)

An insider says, "Producers saw that ratings were so high. And now there's a whole new crop of drama: Jenelle's pregnant, and Leah and Jeremy are talking divorce. It would be foolish to stop filming now."

Um, duh. Of course it would. (It's all about the ratings these days.)

And amid reports that MTV is also possibly filming a Teen Dad season, it looks as though we'll have more than our fair share of quality television to tune in for in the coming months.

I guess we should wait until Teen Mom 2 season 5 ends to speculate over what will likely go down with the girls in season 6. But if I had to guess, I'd say we're probably in for a major roller coaster ride and then some.

Are you excited that Teen Mom 2 will have another season?


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Megan Kelleher Chazin

I didn't even know they said this was the last season, but Im extremely glad its not!

Marlena Gardner

I am so glad that there is going to be more teen mom 2. Some of the moms are great, others, not so much. CANT WAIT!

nonmember avatar Karalyn


Mz.im... Mz.imdoinme

Well when I was. Reading no more teen mom & whyi it wasnt gonna be I knew some new drama was gonna pop up as it did but I'm cool with I do love teen mom

Sweet... Sweetie11742396

Im glad its one of my favorite shows to watch

nonmember avatar Nana975312468

It states that her ex-husband was believed to be the father of all the babies. How would that be possible if he just served a 9 to 11 year(I've read 9yrs in one report and 11 yrs in another report) prison term?

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