'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Aviva Drescher Faces Her Demons & We Can't Look Away

Aviva DrescherTonight, with #bookgate behind them (for now), The Real Housewives of New York moved on to more important matters. Well, sort of. For some of them, this meant preparing for the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade. Which, while fun and charming in its own right, isn't exactly a weighty endeavor. Aviva Drescher, however, dealt with some real demons, ones she waited 35 years to confront.

After seeing her (presumably on the show), Aviva's childhood friend Becky Morgan reached out to her. This isn't so unusual, a blast from the past trying to reconnect after seeing someone on T.V. -- with the advent of Facebook, I'm sure this happens more often than we know. The difference here is that Becky played a pivotal role in Aviva's life. It was Becky who was playing side by side with Aviva on the Morgan family farm the day Aviva stumbled into the conveyor belt that would take her leg

Becky was carrying around so much guilt from that day. She was, Aviva shares, the one who declared that they should play on the now infamous device. Aviva was keen to meet up with her, see the old farm, confront her demons, and put what needed to be put right with her old friend Becky.

I don't know that I could have been as brave or as forgiving as Aviva was. It's easy to give the broad a hard time for stirring the pot generally on the show -- but come on, she's being paid to do that. Her genuine nature and true self were on full display in this scene. You could see the weight fly from Becky's shoulders when Aviva assured her that she had nothing to feel guilty about. In fact, Aviva went on to say that if Becky hadn't thought quickly, turned off the machine, and run for help, she would have bled to death

The Aviva who forgave Becky, who confronted the machine that was the source of her childhood trauma -- that's the Aviva I wish the other girls on the show got a chance to see. I adore Carole, but I kind of see where Aviva's hurt feelings were coming from back when this fight all started. If Carole could apologize for her tone and Aviva could apologize for her implications about Carole's involvement in her own book, everything would just resolve itself. I ache for that to happen! Because clearly I don't have a lot going on in my own life, I guess?

Were you moved by Aviva's conversation with Becky Morgan?


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ninag... ninag1980

The more Carole tries to explain her side of the story, the more I am inclined to side with Aviva. Her reasons sound like plain old jealousy. She is pissed because she worked her life to get a book published and Aviva just went out and did it. Oh well, dont hate the messenger. Carole needs to get over it.

nonmember avatar Mary

Boy the writer of this blog certainly is gullible and easily manipulated. Aviva was clearly playing for the camera. Did you not note that Aviva said in the car that it was Becky's idea to play in the barn? She just had to get that in there, didn't she? And why would you not be as forgiving as Aviva was? Not only was Becky a child herself, she saved Aviva's life--the loss of Aviva's leg is not Becky's fault at all. I cannot fathom that you fell for that song and dance last night.

nonmember avatar Guest

I read that Aviva's family sued Becky's family over the accident. Aviva's parents wanted $10 million but they settled for $1.2 million.

Not an Aviva's fan, but I can't stand Carole.

nonmember avatar Alice

Maybe Aviva really rubbed me the wrong way so everything she does seems bad to me. So call me biased, but I felt Aviva was being self absorbed. Becky was so uncomfortable with Aviva walking on the machine and asking her to turn it on. It was Becky's nightmare too not just Aviva's! I am willing to let that go since Becky did not protest strongly but another things that bothered me was her in the car going "On the day of her marriage she was thinking, 'Did Aviva get married?'" and so on and so forth. Okay people say all kinds of things in private(or on-camera private) exchange and I am being nitpicky but it made me cringe that she would take the text soooo literally and speak as if she can read other people's minds. I didn't like the way she ignores Becky had her own trials in life.

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