Rumors About Peaches Geldof's Cause of Death Get 1 Thing Really Wrong

peaches geldofWe are still heartsick over the death of young mom Peaches Geldof. And we're baffled. How could this have happened? Police are investigating, and their latest finding solves at least one theory: Police found no evidence of hard drugs connected with Peaches' death. They've also found no suicide note and no signs of physical injury. Her death remains unexplained, but one more theory making the rounds suggests a different kind of addiction may have cut Peaches' life short.

Now people are speculating that Peaches' juice cleanses may have caused her early death. Juice cleanses?!? Geldof told OK magazine she lived on three juices a day for a month at a time to lose weight. "I have no will-power but with the juicing I’m like: ‘I have to do it because I have to lose this extra ten pounds.’ I’ll lose it and then I’m back going mental for the chips. I juice and then I eat chips.'"

A dietitian commented on Geldof's diet, giving a dire warning: "Peaches is at high risk of electrolyte abnormalities which could lead to acute cardiac arrest. It is what kills anorexics," said British Dietetic Association spokeswoman Cath Collins.

Meanwhile, TMZ is running a video of Geldof looking especially thin on her way into a fashion event just days before her death and -- wait. Stop right there. This whole conversation feels so, so wrong to me.

It's barely been 24 hours and we're already speculating that Peaches Geldof died from an eating disorder? Have some respect, everyone. I know her death is a mystery we all want solved now, but couldn't we give the investigation a few days first? Could we respect her family and resist the temptation to assign blame for Peaches' death?

I know the idea that a seemingly healthy, young mother could suddenly die is disturbing to us for many reasons. The question that rises in the back of our minds, that we usually don't dare address, is: Could this happen to me, too? We want that question answered in the negative as soon as possible. No, she was on drugs. No, she had a secret illness. No, she was anorexic. Answering that question as soon as possible relieves us of our fear that we, too, could die suddenly, for no reason.

But there are no such guarantees in life. We may never find out what caused Peaches to die -- or we may find out it was indeed related to an eating disorder. Whatever the case, I hope we meet the news with some compassion and empathy.

What do you think of the rumors about Peaches Geldof's death?


Image via Peaches Geldof/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Jen

OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK at the poor girl. She didn't have anyone in her life to offer her the education about her nutrition. Just as long as she was super skinny and fashionable people thought she was ok. She did not LOOK OK.

I think most people who intentionally keep themselves thinner then an acceptable weight for their frame are lucky that they don't die from this kind of thing. Immediately when i saw photos of her I saw Amy Winehouse as well. Very sad for her famiy.

Jacee... Jacee2348

It's a very plausible cause of death so of course people will speculate; it in no way means she was a bad person or intended for this to happen. And yes, there could be many things that caused her death. We will have to wait and see, but in the meantime, people will speculate - it is human nature.

kayba... kaybayblee3

I agree wtih Jacee. Either way those two boys are without their mother.

nonmember avatar Kate

I agree that the rumors that immediately fly after a celebrity death are cruel and inappropriate. But as a recovering bulimic I hope that if it does turn out to be her cause of death that it is given wide media coverage.

So many girls and women feel the pressure to be thin and beautiful and initially bulimia feels like a safe option because at least you're eating something right? You tell yourself that you aren't starving yourself to death like an anorexia sufferer. What so many women don't realize it that bulimia wreaks havoc on your physical (and emotional) well being and is especially damaging to your cardiac system. The danger of bulimia is that it seems "safe" and can be very, very hard to detect.

can_c... can_can21

Rightn because if she wasn't a mother, her death wouldn't be so sad. It's sad whether she was a mother or not. She was still a daughter, a friend, a wife, and most importantly, a human being. 

Melan... MelanieJK

Well unless she had some undiagnosed heart condition etc.  it seems likely that she was the cause of her own demise.     A healthy person doesn't just die out of the blue and you don't become unhealthy overnight.  

lizilli lizilli

The postmortem hasn't even been preformed yet, how can you possibly say with, what appears to be certainty, what the cause of her death is?  Speculation and supposition are just that.  Why not wait for 12 or so hours to find out what really happened.  I know that is not the way it works, but for me, I'd rather have a fact or two instead of media guesses and pronouncements backed up by absolutely nothing except your own musings.

Donna Amy Demers

I'm sorry, but did you really just share the rumor and then try to shame other people sharing the rumor? 

nonmember avatar Fanny

Nice sentiments in this piece.

nonmember avatar denni

Yes, Donna. Neat little trick, huh?

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