'Lindsay' Recap: Lindsay Falls Off the Wagon -- Sort Of (VIDEO)

Lindsay LohanFor someone who is totally sober, Lindsay Lohan sure acts pretty shady. Whether she's sleeping 'til noon, blowing off meetings, turning on friends, or canceling film shoots, this is one girl who seems to have a lot of secrets. Could it all come down to one glass of wine? To hear Lindsay tell it, that's all it was. "I had one glass of wine and that's it," she says. "I had so much guilt. It was scary."

But this scary glass of wine apparently was not consumed at a party where Linds was photographed seemingly reaching for a wine bottle -- a shot that was splashed all over the tabloids. No, she was just reaching for her purse, she insists.

Apparently the relapse happened when she was dating someone who drank (Max George?). She didn't want to admit this on camera but was given little choice when her life coach, AJ Johnson, called her on it, saying that Lindsay's mom, Dina, had told her over dinner that Linds was drinking again. Lindsay insists this is her mom "projecting." But oh. There was also that time AJ found wine in Lindsay's New York apartment. She doesn't explain that. Maybe the booze projected itself into her cabinets.

What's pretty clear is that Linds fell off the wagon. How much, no one but Lindsay really knows. Maybe it was just one glass of wine. But given how little Lindsay will share with viewers about her sobriety journey, it's difficult to tell. What's unclear is why LiLo chose to make a docuseries about herself when she seems so against what a documentary fundamentally has to be -- an exposé of someone's inner life, including whatever demons are lurking there. It's understandable that this wouldn't be what an actress who is desperately trying to get work would want to share with an audience -- but it doesn't make for riveting television.

Meanwhile AJ, who made the fatal mistake of mentioning Lindsay's drinking in front of the cameras, is instantly cut out of LiLo's inner circle. She quickly realizes it and bails on the project. "Sometimes it's better to leave before it gets ugly," she says, demonstrating why she's been able to make a living as a "life coach." Indeed it is. And something tells me it's about to get ugly.

How badly do you think Lindsay fell off the wagon?

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nonmember avatar sandy

Ugh: Why, how--WHY--is this girl still on TV (or any size screen, for that matter)? Oprah wanted to give her a chance, which is compassionate and lovely: Unfortunately, O. seems to have missed the part where Lindsay had already been given an incomprehensible number of chances. Now, Lindsay has an audience again, which is the perfect setting for her old patterns to flourish. This is the exact type of thing we have seen and heard from Lindsay so very many times in the past: partial truths, distractions from the truth, illusions, and diffusions. The girl is good at this game she plays, but she has yet to win her sobriety.

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