'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: The Shocking Death That Broke Our Hearts

Real Housewives of Atlanta go to Mexico to fightTonight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the cast was rocked when they lost one of their own. Before you keel over dead for fear that NeNe Leakes is no more, I am here with good news -- relatively speaking. All of the ladies and their significant others are alive and well. Sadly, a furry member of the family has gone to the big Housewives heaven in the sky. Kenya Moore's beloved dog Velvet tragically (and horrifically) lost his life.

It is easy to dig into Kenya for any number of reasons. She is a pot-stirrer, she is maybe slightly too into twirling, her boyfriend might be made up -- valid reasons to throw major shade her way. But you cannot say the woman was not totally devoted to her precious pooch. The silky Velvet was like her child -- something she said time and time again. I can't imagine how she must have felt losing him. Especially in such violent circumstances. 

Thankfully Kenya has at least one person who is always there for her, her auntie. She was there when Kenya sobbed out a truly awful story: Velvet was attacked and killed by a neighbor's dog. It's hard enough to ever have to part ways with a pet. But usually we get time to prepare ourselves for the loss. Kenya didn't get that time. Velvet was just cruelly ripped away from her. RIP cutie! Ugh, so sad.

Kenya isn't taking the loss well. She was planning a memorial service (because this is a reality T.V. show) for her dog, and she invited Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss to attend. After the hot mess of Mexico, she thought it best that some other ladies went uninvited. That's how you know Kenya will rally. She's still together enough to diss and dismiss the other ladies even in the darkest shadow of grief. Twirl on through, lady. That's what Velvet would have wanted. 

How long do you think Kenya will wait before getting another dog?


Image via Bravo 

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2rcom4t 2rcom4t

No matter how much I may dislike Kenya but tonightI cried with her, It is sad to loss a beloved pet becuase they see us as we really are and love us no matter our faults, We confide in them our deepest secrets and fears and never pass judgment on us, So tonight was very sad indeed, RIP little Velvet

nonmember avatar Mia

Aww Kenya!!!! I am sending u a BIG hug

Dinah Gredy

My heart breaks for Kenya I love my pets like they are my children. I never had children so you just put so much love into them, probably more so than people that do have children. RIP little precious Velvet. SO so sorry Kenya for your loss.

nonmember avatar Debra

Kenya is Silly.

DebraJ36 DebraJ36

That is Utterly rediculous crying over a dog!

nonmember avatar Beth

She was crying for Apollo. She wants that man so bad she can taste him.

nonmember avatar Tara

Deb you must not own a pet. My heart breaks for Kenya. My dog passed in dec and I was heartbroken and he passed of old age not a sudden tradegy

Cynthia Ann Burkhart-Coffey

Don't care too much for Kenya but my heart breaks for her! Losing a pet is horrible and when it is this dramatic, it is a lot worse! Praying for you, Kenya!

nonmember avatar Fs

Hugs to Kenya...felt horrible for her. I feel sorry for people who find the loss of dog "silly." They obviously have never experienced the joy of having a loving pet in their lives....

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