Prince George Is Assigned His First Official Royal Engagement

prince george, kate middleton, prince williamApparently, you are never too young to begin your royal responsibilities. At only 8-months-old, Prince George is prepping for his first official engagement.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with their adorable tyke, will meet up with other new moms and dads at a parenting group.

The Royals will get a chance to swap stories with 10 other families during a three-week trip to New Zealand. Prince George, who is now crawling and has two teeth, will also put in an appearance and play with babies around the same age. "The babies will get down on the floor," a source tells People. "They are at that age when most of them are crawling and starting to explore." Talk about a crazy-cute photo op.

It's just the beginning for the little guy. His life will undoubtedly be a long string of one royal duty after another. There are times it will be daunting, to be sure. It's a good thing he has such loving, seemingly level-headed parents to help him along the way.

Do you think George is too young to have official royal duties?


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SaphireH SaphireH

how cute he gets to have play dates!  if this is how his  royal engagements look then im sure he will have a blast playing with other kids his age

Victoria Gaunt

He's gotten so big since his christening in October. I'm sure he'll have fun playing with other kids his age and doing what he deserves to do, which is being a kid. I am looking forward to watching him grow up.


Hopefully when the Duke and Duchess decide to have another child, Prince George will have a little sister to play with. I would love to see William and Catherine have a daughter.  :)

nonmember avatar avis

I don't believe its too early for the young prince to have Social Engagements. He after all needs to have social interaction to grow as strong or better than his parents. Children's need others their own age.

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