Juan Pablo Galavis Finally Tells Nikki Ferrell He Loves Her

juan pablo, nikki ferrellSince making his final pick, Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis has been criticized for one major thing: his refusal to utter the three little words, "I love you." Well, Nikki Ferrell's wait is finally over.

Sources tells Us Weekly that JP has told her.  In fact, though they live in different cities (he's in Miami and she's in Kansas City, Missouri),  they have grown closer by Skype-ing and texting every day.

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We have no doubt that Nikki is delighted. His reluctance to say it outraged fans during that infamous After the Final Rose special. His haters used that as evidence that he was a bad guy and not "in it for the right reasons."

Though they seem to be on the right track now, even planning to move closer to one another. Who knows -- perhaps they will be one of the few Bachelor success stories.


Do you think Juan Pablo really loves Nikki?

Image via ABC

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nonmember avatar jean

I have always enjoyed the show and found Jeff reasonable but he was horrible toward Juan Pablo because he did not make the choice to tell a women he was dating while dating 2 dozen others that he loved her on camera and he wouldn't get engaged. If anyone connected with or that watched the show from the beginning, the question used to be not just WHO would be given the final rose but would they be proposed to. Good grief, has everyone lost their minds over ratings and forgotten to ask themselves why they were/are there? $$$ Reality TV isn't real life.

Sandra Blake

I think he does.  But I also think he's knda a private person.  I like the way they did it.  Hope it lasts a long time and they tell everyone I told you so.

Beth Murphy

Enuff of them...There 15 mins is up...

Lynn Jewett

He loves himself!~!!! Only!!!!!

nonmember avatar Guest

Juan Pablo did it his way. He was sincere and the show should not require him to express his love until he was sure. People should not be so upset with him but praise him for doing the right thing instead of lying as so many other previous bachelors who propose even and then break up. Many are just lying. Esses not ok!

nonmember avatar sigmund

It's not going to last. He doesn't earn enough to keep a reasonable lifestyle for the both of them. Get a proper job Juan Pablo!

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