Pharrell's SNL Performance of 'Happy' Is Anything But (VIDEO)

pharrell happy snlI love Pharrell Williams. He's like gold. A rainbow. A magical being. Anything he is involved with lately becomes the coolest thing of the moment. And he's having many incredible moments. I love his songs and his style (except for that hat) and his smooth voice. I love his adorable dancing. And I love the song Happy. It makes me happy!

But seeing Pharrell perform Happy on Saturday Night Live was a complete let-down.

I understand that it's a TV show and there are restrictions, but what was up with the barely singing over a track? I know, I know. That's how they all do it nowadays but it just made the song feel really weak. Flat. I loved the sentiment of the kids dancing behind him, but it all looked like a jumbled mess and it was hard to know exactly what was going on. Couldn't they have done something different? Something to showcase each dancer a bit more? You know, like in the video. Which is fantastic. And makes me happy. HAPPY! Shouldn't we all be happy here?!?

What a waste of Anna Kendrick, who clearly is an incredible talent, and should have been a part of this. She can act and dance and sing in several different ways -- and she can rap. This girl ... wow. I'm a fan. But no. Just Pharrell and a confusing flurry of dancing kids behind him. Here's how the Happy performance went down. Watch. Then we'll discuss further.

Now here's what should have happened instead. Just Pharrell and his terrific backup singers (who had the most luscious thighs -- gorgeous!) and band on the stage. Pump up the music! Live drums -- let's hear them stronger! The kids should be dancing around the audience with the camera focusing on different dancers at different times. Then a cameo by Kendrick, sweet, beautiful and talented Kendrick. Maybe even Cecily Strong because I adore her. Get an audience member to stand up and do a little happy shake. Heck, get Lorne out there, too, doing a little happy boogie dance. Even if Pharrell sang over the track, we wouldn't have noticed because there was SO MUCH HAPPY dancing filling the room. Clap along!

But no. We got this. It was fine. Just not happy as happy does.

What did you think of Pharrell's SNL performance of Happy?


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Gail Pennell

Pharrell can do no wrong ..

javak... javakitty2011

meh, it's a mediocre song sung by someone with a forgetable voice anyway.

Choco... Chocodoxies

This is why you are a blog writer for Thestir and not a director for SNL. Stick to what you know. His performance was fine and that was him singing. Watch his body when he breathes and when he pauses from singing. That's not a track. 

BPayne09 BPayne09

I'll be so glad when this song goes away. One of the many reasons I don't listen to the radio.

dez0717 dez0717

Yes because a song about being happy is so incredibly annoying??? Come on it's def a great song, this world is too full of Grumps.

Choco... Chocodoxies

BPayne09, if you are not listening to the radio, how are you hearing the song? Did you buy it then play it repeatedly just to annoy yoursefl? I don't listen to the radio often and therefore am usually completely at a loss when my friends are singing some song, or telling me about the Grammy's. 

kaffe... kaffedrikke

He sounds pretty good to me. I think the writer just wanted something to complain about.

nonmember avatar me

How can someone not like this song? It instantly makes me smile. You cant be mad when happy, happy, happyyy is going on around you. That being said, there was about 20 kids too many in that stage. Too crowded and unneeded.

Gypsy... GypsyMa76

What are you talking about. It was such a fun performance. Those kids had such a great time & it had such a nice vib. Get over it, great job by all :p


nonmember avatar Sammee

Has the author of this article ever seen the video for this song? Not everybody in it is a professional dancer. The spirit of the song is for everyone to be happy regardless of physical skill or appearance. Obviously Pharrell wanted the SNL performance to stay true to that vision.

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