Kristen Stewart Radically Changes Appearance & It Looks Crazy (PHOTO)

kristen stewartKristen Stewart has made a lot of questionable choices in her life, but this one may just take the cake. The Twilight star has made a drastic change to her appearance and fans probably aren't going to like it. Take a look.

It may look crazy, but it's for a good reason. Kristen has a role in the upcoming action-comedy American Ultra. She plays Phoebe, the girlfriend of a lazy stoner named Mike. It's a wild plot. Mike (played by Jesse Eisenberg) becomes the target of a government assassin plot. The producer even calls it "the most fun you can possibly have in a movie theater without the use of drugs, fireworks, or canola oil." 

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Sounds as crazy as that hair color!

What do you think of Kristen's new 'do?


 Image via Instagram & shot7photos/Flickr

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Yvette Daly

I think she still looks good.  And I think people need to get off her back about that stupid mistake she made. The only way people can talk smack is if they are perfect themselves!  And if they were, they'd be God!!  So yall can just get off her frickin back!!!!  You go Kristen!!  Keep your head up!  Yall should be talkin smack about that Rupert idiot for taking advantage of a young lady!!!  But no!  Everyone just wants to talk smack about her and it's a bunch of bull!!!  Get off your high frickin horses!!!!!!  And Rob definitely isn't perfect either!!  It takes 2 to make it or break it!!!!!  Rob's an ass!!!!!

Yvette Daly

Rob has issues because of Rob and no one else!!!!!  He sure in the hell ain't perfect and everyone acts like he's the poor victim!!  Bullsh*t!!  

nonmember avatar Akiko

I like it. It's cool. Makes me wonder what her character will be like in American Ultra. Looking forward to this movie, what I've read so far it sounds like it's going to be fun.

tlcory tlcory

Why is everyone so down on this girl? Oh it's an "actress that cheated on an actor" bahahaha and how many times has this happened? You can bet it's probably 99% of Hollywood but people want to focus on this couple who weren't even married! The ignorance of some people and the media is astounding but certainly explains why Obama is President! Lmao

Steph Hyne

Bet she still can't act no matter what her hair color...  Who cares that she cheated? She's still a ridiculously bad actress. She has one emotion on screen "uncomfortable" that's what I would be Looking for if I cast her in anything

Elizabeth Swift

Personally, I think she should stop acting period. She is too stiff for acting. She doesn't become the character like better actors do. She RUINED the Twilight movies. She RUINED Snow White and The Huntsman. After watching her in those movies I will never again watch a movie with her in it. ESPECIALLY if it is based off my favorite books. But unfortunately she won't stop acting because of her famous family. Ridiculous. Talk about nepitisim.

nonmember avatar RICK


TinyT... TinyTootiePie

It looks like she's gradually going from brunette to blonde. If there's anything crazy or questionable, it's this exaggerated article.

Вика Николаева

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