Kandi Burress Gets Married Despite Mom's Attempt to Ruin Her Romance

kandi burress and todd tuckerWith so many factors working against them, it's a miracle Kandi Buress and Todd Tucker made it to the altar. But the big day finally happened for the Real Housewives of Atlanta stars. However, there is one major questions everyone has -- was her super hateful mother Joyce in attendance and did she try to stop the ceremony?

Unbelievably, the wedding was drama free. That comes as a huge surprise after watching her mother's merciless attempts to break up the happy couple. 

The nuptials were held at the couple's Atlanta home and took place in front of friends and family, including costar Phaedra Parks.

"This is one of the best days of my life! I never imagined that I would marry my best friend. Todd's been that to me," she told In Touch Weekly. "And to have just had the wedding of my dreams, it's all been so beautiful. Now it's time to party!"

Unfortunately, there is no word yet if her mother attended. All throughout the season of RHOA, Kandi feared that her family would not show up because of their objections to Todd and the marriage. However, it must have went smoothly since the pair are finally wed.

Do you think Kandi's mother finally decided to support the couple?


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there... theresaphilly

NOPE, she just decided to keep her mouth shut and watch Todd use her dumb ass. 

luvprue1 luvprue1

I do not know if Todd will use her on not. However Joyce is way too involved in Kandi's personal life. Kandi is not a kid, she well well over 30. She should be allow to make her on mistakes. As for her mother Joyce, does she has any friends her own age?

Heather Tyler

Congratulations to the happy couple

nonmember avatar rina

mama joyce should cut her girl some slack,if she missed it SHAME ON HER!!!

nonmember avatar Joan

Kandi's mother was married 3 times by the time she was Kandi's age! I think Joyce is the opportunist. She's afraid Kandi will stop supporting her. She is way too involved in Kandi's personal life. She needs to cut the umbilical cord and mind her own business! Kandi should get a backbone and tell her mother respectfully that she is a grown woman and can handle her love life without any interference from her.

tlcory tlcory

I can never understand parents who do things like this to their adult children, apparently she doesn't approve of herself as a Mother and how she raised Candy because if she did she should have been comfortable in the fact that she taught Candy about people, the good and bad and trusted that Candy has good judgment because that's how she was raised.  Mama Joyce sure showed her true colors and they are not pretty! 

Debra Lester

I think she did, if she loves her daughter like a mother loves, then she not miss her wedding day. I am happy for Kandi, she is a beautiful soul. I hope her and Todd have some children, and keep others out of their happiness.

nonmember avatar sandy

I have read (People or Us) that Mama J. was there, and made a toast. (Find that hard to believe...) But the bottom line is that Kandi and Todd are MARRIED! Such great news: Kandi has waited and prayed, and it appears that Todd is a wonderful guy. Here's to a long life as best friends and partners in all that awaits them.

nonmember avatar lisa ejiaku

Let us all remember one thing. ms. joyce is kandis mother. and anyone who is a parent or a child must know this.stop the disrespect.ms. joyce you have raised a stong smart and powerful woman. you did that. everything you taught her, she wont forget. she didnt get this far by being stupid,trust me.I see alot of you in her. shes going do just fine. god bless you all. And congrats to the newlyweds.may you have all you want and want all you have

Carol Ann Johnston

maybe it's time Kandi embraced a relationship with her father instead of her nasty mean-spirited mother.  why not surround yourself with positive relationships!

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