Jon Hamm Rejected by Two Crazy Women on Dating Show (VIDEOS)

Jon HammIt's hard to believe, but there once was a time when Jon Hamm was undateable. The man now synonymous with sexy was once a geeky-looking dude with a bad haircut who appeared on a dating show when he was 25. Despite the fact that the female contestant, Mary, was looking for "a sexy, hot man who is honest and knows how to give a good foot massage," Jon was not considered up to par and she turned him down.

That was bad enough but then a second female contestant, Shonia, also turned Hamm down. Woah. This is like entering some kind of bizarro world.

It all worked out for Jon though, who went on to meet longtime partner Jennifer Westfeldt and shoot to fame on Mad Men.

As for the women who turned down Jon Hamm, surely they must be kicking themselves, right? But TMZ tracked down one of the women of dubious judgment, Mary, who says she "wouldn't trade my husband for a thousand Jon Hamms." The boys of TMZ couldn't even get her to admit that she regretted not getting to get jiggy with Jon's famous junk. Good thing Mary wasn't hooked up to a lie detector, cause I think that thing would have been ziggier than a DJ scratchin' up some '80s vinyl.

Here's Jon getting rejected on The Big Date:


Hmmm. Jon got dissed cause he didn't say hello! Listen, sweetie, he's Jon Hamm. He don't need no stinking hello.

And here's Mary 20 years later totally acting like she is sooo happy she turned down Jon Hamm (Mary should get an Oscar):


Would you have picked Jon or one of the other dudes?


Image via TMZ

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Elaine Cox

that haircut alone gets him cut

kayba... kaybayblee3

lol yeah the hair is what gets me.

linzemae linzemae

I think he's a good actor but I don't get his appeal. Handsome, yes. But not sexy

nonmember avatar American Expat

Soooo, when guys pass you over and go for the beautiful ladies, don't get all pissy, since you basically just said women can't be happy in a relationship unless they are with a superstar celebrity lol.

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