Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Going to Extremes to Impress Wedding Guests

kim kardashian kanye westWith Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's reported wedding date of May 24 rapidly approaching, more and more details are emerging about the celeb couple's highly-anticipated nuptials. Much of what's being said -- like the buzz that Kim's freaking out and lookin' to bail -- seems completely fabricated, but then there are other rumors we can't help but believe. Like the latest about Kimye wanting their wedding invites to be "as lavish as possible" and other plans sounding completely over the top.

An insider tells Grazia that "Kim and Kanye ... commissioned a couture designer to create gold silk boxes containing a photo album of their fairytale romance and a silk invite etched in real gold leaf with a clasp of natural pearls." Because this is the "first glimpse their friends and family have had into their Paris wedding," the hand-delivered invites -- which allegedly cost over $900 each -- obviously had to be "special." Uh, yeah. That's one way of putting it!

Apparently, the couple is also springing for goodie bags for guests that contain "£300 bottles of Bollinger champagne, £120 Creme de la Mer products, handmade souvenir trinkets with Kim and Kanye's initials etched in Swarovski crystals, bottles of scent from local perfumeries, and £150 vouchers for treatments at the hotel spa." In other words, each goodie bag will cost at least $1K.

But it's all for a good cause! The source explains, "This is going to be the wedding to end all weddings, and Kim wants to ensure that she and Kanye, as well as all their guests, have an experience they will never forget." Well, come on, would we expect anything less from these two?

What do you think about these wedding details?


Image via Splash News

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nonmember avatar deb

Instead of wasting all the money on goodie bags and invitations, give the money to children who are starving and stop being so narcisstic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar HTJ1ONE

And the next time you throw a part or have any fun.. stop.. dont do it.. go give that money to the homeless or a starving child..

Mary Fournier

the only way these clowns would impress me is if bruce showed up in drag.. wouldn't that be a hoot

nonmember avatar Tim

You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.

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