Nikki Ferrell Slams Trista Sutter for Being Mean to Juan Pablo

juan pablo, nikki ferrellBachelor winner Nikki Ferrell has had enough. She's sick and tired of all those catty women picking on her man. And it's not only his cast-offs that have it out for on Juan Pablo Galavis. A former Bachelorette star got in on the hate-fest. Right after the "After the Rose ceremony, Trista Sutter told Life & Style that she "doubted" his romance with Nikki because he wouldn't say her loved her. Now Nikki is firing back at the meddling reality star on Twitter.


I am so happy that Nikki finally stepped up to defend him and her relationship.  Not that I am a huge fan of Juan Pablo or anything. I think he has made some really questionable moves since becoming the Bachelor. But Nikki has made a choice to stay with him and, as such, she should stand up for her man. He has taken a pretty nasty pummeling in the press and he needs at least some person to sing his praises. As long as she's with him, that's her job.

Though, I don't think she should stop here. There are a bunch of people attacking Juan Pablo. The number of women from his season who hate him is jaw-dropping and some of their vitriol seems totally unfair. He was accused of only wanting sex, not listening to them, and  paying too much attention to the mothers on the show. He may not be the ideal mate but is he as terrible as they would have us believe? Nikki certainly doesn't think so. Glad she's finally speaking out. I'm sure Juan Pablo appreciates it too.

Do you think Nikki should lash out at Juan Pablo's haters?


Image via Twitter

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youth... youthfulsoul

Nikki and JP are two a-holes. Perfect for each other.

Chanel Madeleine

I absolutely hated Nikki, Andi,& & Juan Pablo, from the onset of the show, They are all arrogant a holes, I won't watch the bachelorette episode this time. Nikki needs a man, any man she is so needy.

Suzan Riddle

Sorry, by being on The Bachelor and by dating this douche with the weird faces, she has agreed to public criticism. If you cannot handle it, don't be on tv.

hexxuss hexxuss

Just like people have the right to free speech, so does she.  Being on TV or in the public eye doesn't mean you lose that right. The people I respect the most in Hollyweird are the ones who stand up & don't give a crap what society thinks. =)

badas... badaskmom

Do you guys really care?

nonmember avatar LB

Right, Trista. You were 'in love' with Alex M., who broke your heart. Fast forward **not too far**, and bam, you were 'in love' with Ryan. Really, you're going to make a judgment about couple that is taking things more realistic?

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