Kristen Stewart Wants to Be All Alone on Her Birthday -- Sorry, Rob!

kristen stewartKristen Stewart isn't exactly, for lack of a better word, charismatic. Although impossibly gorgeous, Kristen is known for being a little, um, cringe-worthy in her public appearances. In fact, she's been referred to as the "most awkward person ever."

Here's the thing, though: She doesn't care. She knows she isn't nearly as charming or witty or comfortable as most other celebs, and she's fine with that. In a recent interview, KStew said, "I'm just not very good at TV, and it's not my main goal in life to get good at it. People are like, 'She just can't handle' -- for lack of a better word -- 'the spotlight.' No, actually I can't, and that is who I am."

I respect that immensely. But a note to Robert Pattinson, who may or may not be planning a birthday party for Kristen: Don't do it. KStew hates birthday parties, as well.

"I love being an actor, but I'm the last person to want to have a birthday party," she said. "I don't try to force it or fabricate this personality ... So I totally agree when people say I'm, like, the most awkward person." Got that, RPattz?

There have been so many rumors, saying that Rob flew to Los Angeles to be with Kristen on her birthday on April 9. And let's just hope that, if they are true, it's because he's planning a quiet, intimate celebration, as opposed to a bash. Because, as we've learned, Kristen would hate that. The girl doesn't want to be the center of attention, and nothing wrong with that.

Sometimes, it seems like Kristen comes off as rude or aloof -- okay, a lot of the time it seems like Kristen comes off as rude or aloof -- but the reason likely is that she's just ... awkward. I mean, sheesh, if the girl can't handle a birthday party with some friends, how on earth would she be able to handle a nationally-televised interview?

Good luck with those birthday plans, Rob!

Do you think Kristen seems rude or just awkward?

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ridzz... ridzz17497

Oww!!!! Poor robert . Cant even plan kristen's b'day bash.

Adam Andrew

Some of the best Kristen Stewart Pictures

Caryn Burton

How does this even relate to Rob, other than the bs connection that you made up in your head!

Julie Mosbrooker

No she's not rude or aloof maybe she wants the press to leave her alone!!! It's her bday and she can spend it how she wants

nonmember avatar No Name!

I don't think so if true or false. Rob stil loves her and they haven't see each other while they've sepreated for four mouths. If the rumor are true or false that Rob and Kristen will planning for reunion with their dogs on next day. But they are both loves each other. That's sad! He's still in love with Kristen. If Rob has strong feeling for kstew. Then they will more sepreated next week for forcous their career. They will leave behind in LA next week or soon.

ap58 ap58

why would Robert is responsible planning  her birthday bash. they are not even together

nonmember avatar No Name!

But he still loves her and I don't think that if true or false. I know they haven't see each other while they've separated for four months. So that's sad for them. No one know that kstew would hate that. She want to nothing more of all. I guess that they are still stay friends. No one throw her upcoming party.

nonmember avatar Annie

Kristen just seems like an extremely shy young woman. It's time we respect that and understand everyone is different and that's okay. It's actually nice to see a young HW star without all the makeup , surgery, and phony smiles.

nonmember avatar Esther

Kristen and Rob were together for 4 years so I am pretty sure he knows wether she likes to celebrate her birthday or not. What do take your readers for? You need to stop fabricating these stories and report the truth not BS.

nonmember avatar Sarah

Could we please read articles about her and NOT include Rob's name. You make up all this BS. He LEFT HER LAST MAY - SMART MAN !!!!!!!!!

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