'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Leah Calvert & Corey Simms' Chemistry Is Undeniable

Leah CalvertEver feel a sense of deja vu when you're watching Teen Mom 2? It's been years (literally) since Leah Calvert and Corey Simms got divorced, but on this week's episode we once again got sucked down the Leah/Corey shoulda, woulda, coulda rabbithole.

Yes, the one married reality stars with a set of twins are both divorced and remarried. And yes, Jeremy Calvert and Miranda Simms both seem like stand up folks. But when Leah and Corey start talking about how they probably could have stuck it out if they'd tried a little harder, it's hard not to just nod right along.

Which they did tonight. A lot.

As we've seen all season, things are not going too well for Jeremy and Leah. He's dropped the "divorce" word a few times, and she's spent a lot of time begging him to see a couples counselor. When he's around Corey, he acts stilted and strange, and he's uncomfortable with Leah getting texts from her ex.

You can't blame the guy for that. Corey DOES talk about the good old days an awful lot for a guy who is happily remarried, and to a woman who is supposedly happily remarried to boot.

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More to the point, Leah does the same. Maybe it's MTV setting them up to have this conversation over and over, but the point is, they're having it. And it's hard to deny there's chemistry between these two!

It's almost too bad reality shows don't have those alternate reality sort of episodes where you could see what happens if they just took one different turn. It would be rather fun to see Leah and Corey's life, wouldn't it?

Of course it's not the Leah and Corey show. We still had plenty of other drama from the other girls.

Kailyn gave birth to baby Lincoln, and although she chose to keep the birth itself off camera, we did get to see Isaac meeting his little brother and insisting to Kail that Linc is not "her baby," he is "HIS baby." Somebody deserves a cutest big brother EVER shirt!

Speaking of babies, Chelsea finally was in the same room with Adam's new baby, Paislee, at Aubree's holiday pageant. The estranged parents managed to keep things civil for their daughter's sake, but Adam is continuing to act a fool with his baby mama. He's got a new cellphone, but he won't give Chelsea the number -- even though she pointed out she might need to get hold of him if there's an emergency with Aubree.

As for Jenelle, her boyfriend Nathan Griffith got arrested on alleged DUI tonight -- his THIRD. Meanwhile she has enrolled Jace in karate class in an attempt to help curb his bad behavior.

Put yourself in Jeremy's shoes. Do you think Leah and Corey are too close?



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Mae Hammac

what i think is her husband needs to man up and just tell her he dont know what he wants he cant handle having another mans kids i think he want her but not her kids and now he dont know how to deal with it and for her she needs to grow up and cause she knows he has to work and she knowed he worked out of town when she married him and for cory he needs to move on and stop leading her on and be a husband to his wife yes they have kids but the also have new family grow up u 3

nonmember avatar heidi

I think Leah needs to stop leading both men on. Every time Jeremy is out of the house she finds an excuse to text Cory, its like she wants to make sure he still wants her. Attention whore!

Tammie Ochoa

no they do have to raise their girls thank god they are not at ea other fighting or being mean, there will always be a bond

nonmember avatar Nancy

I was shocked to hear the Corey talked about missing his family when he is supposedly happily remarried. I feel sorry for his current wife and I am sure she is upset about this being broadcast on national TV! I secretly hope Leah & Corey get back together because they did seem to have good chemistry. Immaturity & impatience got in the way. I wouldn't mind watching a show strictly based on Corey & Leah because they have interesting storylines!

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