'Scandal' Recap: Olivia's Takedown of B-613 Just Got Terrifyingly Real

olivia sits with eli pope at dinner scandal the flufferLooks like Olivia couldn't leave Fitz's nasty outburst last week unpunished, because this week's episode, "The Fluffer," opened on Abby doing her boss's bidding at the White House. But it wasn't long before she had to get back in the game herself -- first by instructing a reluctant Huck to hack into B-613's bank account thanks to clues from her father to start taking them down "brick by brick." Then, by begrudgingly, heartbreakingly appeasing Fitz by setting out to break up Andrew and Mellie, something you would think -- and, of course, Liv would think! -- Fitz wouldn't need, if he was completely over Mellie.

Although much hasn't been going right for Liv and the Gladiators, both of these goals seemed to pan out perfectly ... at least until it all blew up. Literally.


Let's talk Mellie and Andrew first, though, cuz ugh, how can you not root for them? They deserve their own Vermont! But not if Fitz -- or Liv, by extension, as his lackey, attempting to win him the election -- has anything to say about it. But by the time Mellie -- who has the realization that life's too short and Fitz too make-believe a husband -- makes it clear she wants to keep her relationship going with Andrew, he's decided on sticking with power and Fitz over love and Mellie. And that's when she storms into Fitz's meeting and gives him one of the show's best slaps of all time, accusing him of taking everything away from her. BOOM! Now, that has been a looong time comin'. Love seeing her stand up for herself!

But Liv's other, even more major goal of taking down B-613? How that went down ... wow. After swallowing her pride and jumping in bed with Jake to gain access not only to B-613's bank account but their entire computer system, Olivia and the Gladiators managed to intercept and crash B-613 -- just as Quinn, Charlie, Jake, and Co. were about to intercept and take down Mama Pope, who just got her hands on the "Mona Lisa" of explosives. Talk about horrendous timing! And although we could guess any terrorist plot linked to Mama Pope would be huge and horrifying, we had no idea just how dire the situation was until Jake barged into Pope & Associates and pushed Olivia up against a wall, demanding to know what she did, because as a result, she "killed the President." What the ...?!?!

Judging from the teaser for next week, we don't completely know what's going to happen when the timer on Mama Pope's bomb ticks down. And we have no choice but to wait 'til the second to final episode of season 3 to find out. OMG.

How'd you like Mellie's rebellion against Fitz? What do you think will happen next week?


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