Kim Kardashian's Wedding Diet Is Scarily Extreme

kim kardashianShe's already shed a reported 50 pounds since giving birth to her adorable daughter, North -- she definitely doesn't need to lose any more! According to reports, Kim Kardashian is on an "extreme" diet and exercise regime in order to get ready for her upcoming wedding to Kanye West.

What's Kim doing to lose weight?

Insiders claim that the reality star is eschewing virtually all carbs from her diet right now. "She’ll eat veggies, but no noodles, rice or bread," a family insider claims. "It shocks her body. It’s the only way to get the weight off." Kim also eats nuts and chicken with broccoli, but is, according to friends, "watching everything she eats."

But that's not all she's doing. Kim's exercise routine is where things get really nutty.

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Apparently, Kim works out not once, but twice a day. And each morning, shortly after getting up, she does 100 squats to "lift her booty." A friend said, "She wants to look the best she possibly can for her wedding photos." Don't we all? But 100 squats each morning?!

Personally, I think Kim looks amazing and is crazy to want to lose any weight. And I also can't imagine eating nothing but chicken, broccoli, and nuts, and working out twice a day is a very pleasant way to live. But hey, to each their own.

Do you think Kim's diet is a bit much?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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nonmember avatar A guy

So she went Keto and is doing 2-a-days and that's extreme? Seems standard in the fitness world.

Adriana Sanchez

I should try this see how much I lose.

Andy May

id rather be chubby and eat what ever the hell i want lol.. but good for her i guess lol..


Katelin Lane

There is nothing wrong with a healthy diet and lifestyle... 100 squats is really nothing. This article is picking on the wrong things. Why complain about a good thing?

rescu... rescuekim

Doesn't seem extreme unless it was a lifestyle.  Everyone wants to look their best for their wedding photos.  

Susiem72 Susiem72

I can't believe anyone cares. Kim who????

nonmember avatar fitnesslove

it's not that crazy at all
100 squats isn't that much actually, simply squats isn't enough to build a round butt so she must be doing other exercises too
cutting down on carbs is also very common
i dont see what's the fuzz

nonmember avatar Trish

@Becky lightner, last I checked north does have a dad and there is family also. 2 hours a day at the gym is really not extreme. I leave my kids with their dad (my husband) when I go or at the gym daycare, so does it really matter? Get diet anecdotes exercise is not extreme at all but it seems nothing they do will be looked at as good or right.

Danielle Johnson

I think her diet is fine. It's calle d a low carb diet. A lot of people do them. 100 squats really is nothing. She's doing great. Insanity is worse than this, and there are no complaints there.

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