Kate Middleton's New Hobby Is a Royal First

Kate MiddletonKate Middleton may be royal now, and our favorite Duchess that ever was, but that doesn't mean she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Why, just the other day, she was spotted doing some last-minute shopping at the GAP, of all places. They aren't exactly known for their royal threads, though admittedly I'm a massive fan of pretty much everything they do.

Kate's newest hobby is just one more reason she's closer to being like you and me than she is to being a princess in a fairy-tale. And that's just one more reason why we adore her. She's said to be decorating her home with Prince William, Kensington Palace, on her own! Other royals in the past have often used the royal decorator to get their luxe pads suitably outfitted for high-end living, but not Kate.

She was recently spotted hand-picking items to decorate her new soon-to-be home. In particular she loved sorting through carpets until she found rugs that she is said to have purchased for her bedroom with William. I love it! I would go rug shopping with Kate in a red hot second.

Kate seems pretty passionate about this project. I wonder if she'll keep on developing her skills as an interior designer. It seems likely given all the reports about what a blast she had doing all this picking and choosing herself. Think about how in demand she'd be if she ever started her own interior design firm! I'm just sayin' ...

Do you think Kate should get into the interior design business?


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nonmember avatar Mary

I think she'd be a fabulous decorator if that's what she would like to do. Why not? I love decorating myself and while I wouldn't work for anybody else's firm, if Kate has a firm, I may consider, if invited of course. Her sense of style and taste is very pleasant yet classy, but never overdone. I like that. Would be fun actually, she may enjoy doing interior decorating professionally. But let's not forget she is a Princess.

waity... waitykate

Waity has already decorated BOTH HOMES in the recent past, but this sycophant article didn't mention that. She did such a lousy job she is having to re-do it now. At the cost of the taxpayers naturally.  From the tone of the article, I guess Waity is genius. For choosing her own lamps...or something.......

Notice there's no talk of how much charity she's doing. Or public service. All year she's done none of that. Waity is a terribly selfish person.  But she can certainly find time to shop, and she keeps on re-doing her homes. Too bad she keeps screwing them up.

waity... waitykate

Waity got her hands dirty at the GAP ?  hmmm. Being such a commoner was she really slumming at the Gap ? 

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