Miley Cyrus Smokes So Much Pot It Even Shocks Wiz Khalifa


Miley CyrusIt's no big secret that Miley Cyrus loves her some weed. I mean, girlfriend lit up on stage at the MTV European Music Awards. But did you know that Miley was the pot-smoking equivalent of the one who can drink everyone else under the table? Rapper Wiz Khalifa, no stranger to marijuana himself, told Arsenio Hall that Miley smokes so much weed, he couldn't even keep up!

Khalifa dished on Hall's new show:

She smokes a ton ... Every five minutes she kept being like, "Hey Wiz, you don’t have a joint rolled? What’s up?" She was just blowin' like a train.

Wow. Blownin' like a train. I hope it's not a train to Justin Bieberville. Personally, I'm not a midnight toker, not a toker of any time. However, I understand that marijuana is probably less dangerous than a lot of legal-everywhere drugs like alcohol and prescription meds -- and probably less health-wrecking than cigarettes.

I just believe that there are inherent dangers to doing any drug -- and especially if you're doing it ALL THE TIME.

It kind of makes you wonder how much Miley's fogged-up faculties accounted for some of her stranger and poorer choices in the past couple of years -- like all that tongue lolling. Maybe she's just got dry mouth?

On the other hand, no one can deny that she's the opposite of the lazy pot head. She's sure getting a lot of work done -- and she's on tour. Probably only someone as young as Miley can smoke dope all day and still go put on a show.

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Miley might want to take a lesson from one of her idols, Madonna, who is still going strong at 55. She got that way from being health conscious and avoiding drugs.

Just because you came in like a wrecking ball doesn't mean you have to be a wrecked ball, Miley.

Do you think Miley should stop smoking so much?


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kayba... kaybayblee3

If this is true and I'm sure it is since she talks a lot about her drug choices in interviews--She's not going to last very long.

can_c... can_can21

If she makes it past 27, it will be a miracle. 

the4m... the4mutts

Madonna... no drugs? Srsly? *Snort*

calim... calimomma707

when ppl say dope I think of meth. why does everyone want to dish on thc but ignore meth completely? there could be a number of reasons -having nothing to do with her smoking thc, that make her the way she is, off top i think of her age and the fact that she is growing into who she will be, does it mean she will end up like lohan or bines? i dont know and neither do you, oh and this...if you take prescription medication and have this opinion on thc you are a hypocrite...

lalab... lalaboosh

Well now I want to try to see if I could keep up. Too bad she's busy and we don't know each other. Lol

marney.p marney.p

Is there a rehab facility for serial crotch displays in public?

sabri... sabrina_ervin

Leave the girl alone she isn't hurting anyone

Kelly Nelsen

Willie Nelson anyone? 80 something, hits trees like you wouldn't believe and STILL GOING STRONG. Marijuana is not a drug. It is a plant. Meth, heroin, scripts...THOSE are drugs.

Jonathan Arthur

Do I think Miley's smoking too much? What friggin' business is it of mine, or yours, or anyone you and I know for that matter? If she was drinking and driving like an idiot or beating fans up, or if she was underage but acting inappropriately like an adult, someone might find her a bad role model for their kids ... but smoking ganja has always been less harmful than all the legal highs being pushed on US citizens from all directions. I don't know her music, however, I am a professional musician and performer and from what I've read of her, she's an adult, a creative, vibrant musician, dancer and professional performer with a lot of her life lived on the big stage in front of thousands of high-expectations audiences who have pretty much left all her concerts satisfied, ready to come back and pay beaucoup bucks for more. Most of the people who are against legalization cannabis are ignorant and misinformed and use "naughty" celebrities as props to prove this or that regarding any popular mind-altering drugs, and it doesn't help that articles are being written, seriously, that ask people to consider whether a consenting adult should or shouldn't be making 100% legal and highly personal choices on their own without the writer's and general public's "help". Grow up.

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